Fresh breath after meals

BY: Wise Chukwudi Letsa
 It is safer not to take sweet foods so many times during the day.
It is safer not to take sweet foods so many times during the day.

There are so many causes of bad breadth. These could be oral, thus due to a problem in the mouth or extra-oral, due to a disease or a condition outside the mouth.

Your dentist will be able to examine your mouth and properly diagnose the cause of bad breadth. Bad breadth can either be long lasting or just transient.

Often, sufferers of bad mouth odour may not be aware of the situation. Some people also do not have bad mouth odour but they feel they have it.

It becomes very difficult to inform someone who has it but does not know, likewise it is tough to disabuse the mind of the one who does not have it but feels he does.

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The best thing you can do for a friend or a work colleague is to find a nice way of telling them of their bad mouth odour. There are solutions that can be sought and it will be a thing of the past.

The kind of unpleasant smell that emanates from the mouth after meals is mostly transient. Thus it does not last for too long; perhaps just for a few days.

If you however eat the same odour giving foods every day, then your mouth will give off bad smell every day.

The same applies to those who do not keep their mouth clean after meals every day. For example, onion and garlic leaves a peculiar bad smell after they are eaten.
What happens is the fact that certain sulfur compounds found in these vegetables find their way into the lungs after they are absorbed into the blood.

From the lungs, they are then brought out in breadth when one breathes out. This can even last for up to three days.

Since this will always happen after consuming onions and garlic, one might be tempted to avoid these vegetables. Avoiding them is not the solution here. One can eat them selectively.

If you are going for a very important meeting or gathering, you may have to avoid such foods. Washing your mouth well after taking them may help mask the smell a little bit.

Also, chewing sugar free gums can do a bit by masking the bad odour. Also reducing the quantities of the onion or garlic one eats can greatly reduce the duration of the smell.
Normally, when food particles are left in the mouth for a long time, bad mouth odour results. Sugar and other molecules from food tend to be used as food for bacteria present in the mouth.

After these bacteria work on the sugar and other molecules, they emit foul smells.

Milk and meat tend to greatly predispose consumers to bad mouth odour.

The more frequently you introduce these foods into the mouth, the more active the bacteria in the mouth are and hence the more likely there is to be bad mouth odour.

It is safer not to take sweet foods so many times during the day. This is a caution to those who take several cups of tea or coffee throughout the day.

It is also prudent to clean the mouth well after meals. Also use the dental floss to remove any