Letter: Resource health facilities to provide best care

BY: Junior Graphic

 Dear Editor, A nation cannot progress without healthy citizens, but the government is not doing enough in the area of health.

 In the first place, health facilities in the country are inadequate. This makes it difficult to save lives. Essential hospital equipment such as X-ray machines and incubators are few and non-existent in some health facilities. This makes the work of health personnel tedious and could also lead to loss of lives.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken control over the whole world and has claimed millions of lives, including health personnel which is very disheartening. The government has to do all it can to provide resources needed so that health facilities will be prepared to offer best services and care to protect and save lives.

Another challenge is the human resource to manage health facilities. The government must ensure that only qualified persons are recruited so they provide quality healthcare services to clients.


Winnie Boatemaah,

Vicande School,

Asuoyeboah, Kumasi.