Letter: Study hard to obtain genuine certificates

BY: Junior Graphic
Cheating in examination tarnishes one’s reputation.

Dear Editor, It is no secret that students engage in examination malpractice in our educational system.

But the question is, do students know the effects cheating in an examination have on their certificates and their lives?

 Examination malpractice damages one’s reputation. Reputation is very important and must be protected. However, engaging in examination malpractice and acquiring an excellent certificate can easily destroy your reputation. After the student has acquired a good certificate, the notion conveyed is that the student is intelligent and expected to perform a given task brilliantly.

However, if the certificate holder underperforms, the respect people have for the certificate and the individual will be lost.

Moreover, examination malpractice results in total loss of trust because the certificate holder may not be capable of performing a given task well since he or she did not study hard to earn the certificate.

I would, therefore, like to advise all students not to engage in examination malpractice but rather learn well so that they can have genuine certificates.


Delawrence Brempomaa Frimpong,

Frihans Educational Complex,