Maiden Africa InfoSec and IT conference kicks off March 28

BY: Maxwell Adombila Akalaare
Dele Aden, Managing Partner at Delta3 International
Dele Aden, Managing Partner at Delta3 International

The maiden Information Security (InfoSec) and IT Leaders Conference, a partnership between Delta3 International, a cybersecurity firm with operations in Europe and Africa, and IBM, the global technology provider, kicks off on Thursday, March 28 in Accra.

It will be under the theme 'Mitigating Cyber Risks through Effective Leadership’, and seeks to reposition information security as a key business enabler and also to share new knowledge in information technology and information security.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with IBM for the forthcoming first Africa I.T InfoSec Leaders Conference. With IBM’s partnership, conference attendees or delegates will learn about the IBM Commercial Cyber Aptitude Test (CCAT) product.

“Learn how the CCAT can help your organisation to identify talent suited to roles in cybersecurity. The CCAT will help give a snapshot of an employee’s suitability for roles within CyberSecurity in your organization,” a statement by Delta3 International said.

Dele Aden, Managing Partner at Delta3 International, earlier in an interview said, the objective of the conference is to get leaders of businesses and various divisional leaders in businesses to have conversations on cybersecurity and how everyone can be prepared when something happens.

“What we are doing is getting the leaders of businesses together, IT leaders, information security leaders, risk, audit, business manager, and HR leaders together at the very first Africa InfoSec and IT Leaders Conference in March 28.

We are having thought leaders to deliver addresses from Europe and other Western nations, Asia and Africa who have experienced major attacks for only US$250 per delegate, which include coffee and buffet lunch breaks,” he said.

The conference will have breakout sessions on different issues and these groups will be focusing on how to move organisations forward so that more and more organisations will take cybersecurity seriously, take customer data seriously and understand the challenges coming down when it comes to cybersecurity.

Topics to be discussed include Anatomy of Cyber Attack; Africa Cyber Security Landscape and Threat Trends 2019; Mitigating Cyber Threats Through Effective Leadership and BCP; Digital Transformation: From AI & IOT to CLOUD & Blockchain; Mitigating Cyber Threats Through Business Continuity Planning; HR Leadership - The Role of HR Mitigating Cyber Security Threats from within; and Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) What is it and what should it be?

Delegates are expected from Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, UK, US, South Africa and other countries across the globe, with speakers line-up including Dr. Adrian Venables, from UK Defence Cyber School; Dele Aden, Managing Partner, Delta3 International; D. Nalon Kaine, Cyber Security Coordinator - Min of Telecom, Liberia; and Anita Wiafe-Asinor, HR Consultant & Managing Partner, OML Africa.

Other speakers are Komla Mike Etchi, Senior ICT Trainer and Keynote Speaker – Ghana; Kwame A. Opoku, Award-Winning Futurist, who will also be a Keynote Speaker; a Keynote Speaker from IBM, USA; and a Keynote Speaker from the Bank of Ghana.

Komla Mike Etchi, Senior ICT Trainer, in an interview, noted that since Delta3’s arrival in Ghana, the focus and emphasis have been on awareness creation about cybersecurity and so far, the message is getting home but more still needs to be done.

“The problem we have as a country is preparedness and compliance and we are still very far away. That is why we are getting all the industry heads in one room so we can discuss how we can best protect ourselves.

"We have seen countless organisations and that feel that they cannot be attacked but what we fail to realise is that the cyber world has no boundaries. Some guy in a basement somewhere in central Europe could be preying on vulnerabilities and attack. We have a task on our hands as to preparedness and compliance,” he said.