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Drunk guy passes out in an Uber - pays $1,600 for ride

Kenny Bachman
Kenny Bachman

Kenny Bachman was out with his mates when he decided to get an Uber home - a decision he's still regretting a week later as it cost him $1,600.

The problem was that he selected his home in New Jersey, while he was visiting his friends 350 miles away at West Virginia University.

"My buddy's house that I was staying at was only four blocks away from the club," Kenny tells Newsbeat.

"To make things worse, it was an Uber XL."

Kenny's little trip, which started at 2:51am, took him "five or six hours" and cost a grand total of $1,635.93 - plus $20 for toll roads.

"First off, I'm not proud of this," says the delivery driver.

"I've got a bunch of frat buddies that are down there and I was staying at their house.

"As soon as I got there, around 6pm, was when I started to drink."

Kenny says he then "hit a frat party," continued to drink and went to a club.

"From that point forward, I proceeded to black out.

"I slept through all of the journey except the last 45 minutes. I had zero clue I had ordered an Uber. But I woke up in one.

"I was mad, but at the same time I was so in shock and caught off guard, that I just didn't know how to react."

Kenny says he disputed the journey with Uber, but "they said that I set the address and I took the ride which meant that I had to pay".

Which he thinks is a bit tough.

"I'm just questioning what went through the dude's head who saw how intoxicated I was, and decided it would be a real good idea to take me across the country."

To make matters worse for Kenny, he's going to have to make the return journey.

"All my items are still down in West Virginia, so I still have to go back and get that stuff.

"I actually did the math. It would have cost me $35 to take a bus home, or it would have been $115 for a plane.

"Honestly, my friends think it's funny. It's stupid, but it is funny."

Culled from The BBC