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Beauty Queen shot dead after Instagram post of octopus dish ‘led assassins to restaurant’
Landy Párraga Goyburo, 23, was shot dead in a restaurant

Beauty Queen shot dead after Instagram post of octopus dish ‘led assassins to restaurant’

A BEAUTY model and former Miss Ecuador contestant was shot dead in broad daylight after her Instagram post apparently led the killers to her location.


Landy Párraga Goyburo, 23, uploaded a picture of octopus ceviche which is thought to have helped the assassins track down the restaurant she was eating.

According to UK’s The Sun, she had posted an Instagram story during lunch to share the picture of the pricey grub with her 173,000 followers.

Soon after, the two armed killers found her inside a restaurant in Quevedo - and shot her dead.

Shocking CCTV footage showed the hitmen bursting into the eatery and gunning down the model queen.

She was seen glancing towards the door as the killers sneaked into the place without her noticing.

As the first hitman ran towards them, Párraga dropped to the floor while the man next to her ducked for cover.

The masked attacker then opened fire, shooting towards both the model and the man.

He then stood over her as she laid helpless on the floor before repeatedly firing shots at point-blank range.

Both attackers then dashed out of the door and fled the scene.

Images later showed the former beauty queen lying motionless on the floor in a pool of blood, with a bullet mark visible on her right thigh.

Cops are now investigating the murder while trying to identify the assailants.

They believe to have been hired by the widow of Leandro Norero - a cartel boss who had an affair with Párraga before his violent death in prison. 

The beauty queen, seen in footage wearing blue top, was talking to a man when the gunmen walked in

In December 2023, Párraga's name was mentioned in a chat made public by the Attorney General’s Office as part of a major organised crime case it is investigating.

One of the 52 people being prosecuted in the case is Helive Angulo, who reportedly managed Norero's assets.

In the chat, Angulo told the cartel boss that the police had asked him about Párraga.                      

Norero cryptically replied: “If my wife comes across anything about her, I’m screwed.

“My friend, her name cannot come out anywhere. Otherwise, my world will come crashing down.”

 Norero was killed in prison in 2022, six months after his imprisonment.

Money transfers made to Párraga’s bank account are under investigation by the Attorney General’s Office.


The office never prosecuted the beauty queen and she had never publicly commented on the case. 

Párraga was a former Miss Ecuador contestant and represented Los Ríos Province in 2022.

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