It may be your time… but not your turn!

It may be your time… but not your turn!

Times without number, some of us fret when we ponder over our lives carefully. Our finances may have taken a nosedive. Our career may not be yielding any fruit.

Try much as we can, we see no improvement in our lives! It sometimes looks as though we are the most disfavoured people among the entire human race.

In life, we have time and turn. Everyone has not only their time but their turn, too. When others are ahead of you, it may only be their time and turn. Though you may be contemporaries, you may have the same time but different turns. Regardless of how long it may take, your turn will definitely come.

Life serves us in batches. It throws opportunities our way in turns. Just because others may be ahead doesn’t make you late. It’s all about time and turn. Though others elsewhere may be ahead because they are in a different time zone, for instance, doesn’t mean you’re late. We all have our time…and our turn!  

I quite remember back in the day when my mum used to buy our Christmas clothes in turns. There are three of us. She would first buy that of our youngest sister and then ours later. Though it was our time to wear our clothes, each had to patiently wait for their turn. A delay in your turn didn’t mean denial at all.

Christmas clothes got us all gay. However, when your siblings were excitedly sleeping in their new clothes by way of “testing” them, you didn’t need to fret if you didn’t have yours yet. After all, it was [your] time… but not your turn yet.

I have grown to understand the reality of this simple life principle― it may be [your] time… but not your turn. It may be your time to be financially stable…but not your turn yet. It may be your time to marry… but not your turn. It may be your time to be at the top of your career. However, it may just not be your turn yet.

Oftentimes, we worry our heads over things we assume should be working for us, at least, at this stage of our productive lives. We are quick to write ourselves off because we assume we’re ‘late’ in life. Life is not a race for others to be first… and others last. Like a journey, we all have different destinations.

Sometimes, we blame our stagnancy on our past. We blame it on ourselves. Uncomfortable truth is, it, indeed, may be your time but just not yet your turn.

You start a business and, for years, it’s still nothing to write home about. All your co-equals are amassing wealth and properties when all you can boast of is an idea which is not reaping any profit. You want to further your education but after several attempts, you seem not to be making headway. Your life keeps wandering in endless circles. It may be time to have what you deserve but… just not your turn yet.

You see, sometimes, God has to say, “No!” to our demands now because we deserve better later. He sometimes has to deny us our wants now to give us our needs later. Just sometimes, some things we pray for need to delay so the best may come our way when it’s our turn.

Life’s like a queue. As long as you’re in the queue, you’ll be served. It’s like standing in a queue in a banking hall. Even if the bank closes, as long as you’re in the hall, you will be served. It may be your time but wait for your turn, too. No matter how long, your turn will definitely come.

We are served according to time… in turns. Others get served as early as dawn and others… as late as dusk. Fact that others have been served at dawn doesn’t mean those who haven’t been served yet are late. Be patient. Whatever it is, you will get served when it’s your turn. Don’t fret. Don’t try to cut corners. Don’t try to jump the queue!

We are like fruits. We all have our harvest season. Others may yield early; others late. It doesn’t matter how long it may take but every fruit’s time to ripe will come. Though others may ripe early, it doesn’t make others late. Every fruit is made to yield when it’s their time… and their turn.

The weight of our harvest depends on how well we can wait. The space between our dreams and they becoming a reality is where great men are nurtured. The waiting period separates great men from others. The waiting period is the making period!

Keep working. Keep praying. Keep waiting. Patience is a virtue no money can buy. Whatever it is that you are hoping to see become a reality in your life, keep working at it. Keep hoping. We write our lives off when we sign our hopes off.

When you see your friends genuinely blessed, thank God for their lives. It’s their time. It’s their turn. When you see their businesses flourishing, let your heart be gladdened. It means it will be your turn sooner or later. When you see them getting married, be joyful. Once it’s their turn, it may be yours soon, too.

Don’t feel down when others are already in their “Christmas clothes”. You will definitely get yours before the Christmas season is over. It may be time… but just not your turn yet. Cheers!
Kobina Ansah is a Ghanaian playwright and Chief Scribe of Scribe Communications (, an Accra-based writing firm. Order for copies of his animation book, Animuonyam The Bully Stopper, via 0243752793.

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