No more boring trousers

No more boring trousers

Trousers are an essential component of most classic outfits. They are often not given the necessary attention but they massively impact your overall outfit.

They have a major effect on comfort and appearance. Fashion experts say that every mistake you make with your trousers has a critical effect.


Most people, especially men, are used to wearing trousers with belt holes. They either use a belt or suspenders to hold the trouser firmly.

Have you tried trousers with a stylish waistband before? You need to get your tailor to design a few for you, they are classic. It is for the bold and confident fashionista.


All you need is a decent shirt which has been tucked in so the beauty of the waist band can be seen. If you wear a long jacket or shirt to cover it, no one will appreciate your trousers. You can use any kind of fabric to pull off trendy trousers with pleats and various types of buckles.

Men no belt

It is equally a must-get for ladies as well. The style sits well for both formal and informal events. Imagine wearing any of these stylish trousers with a neat chukka or Chelsea boots with a well-tucked-in shirt.

ladies no belt

You can add a hat to it to take the swag level a notch higher. Know that very long trouser legs create distracting and unappealing drapes and folds. Get the right length and correct shirt size always so you don't look like a clown.

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