The ‘oldness’ of a New Year


The much-talked-about 2013 has eventually been regarded as another year of history; one that would never be seen again in the entirety of our lifetime.


Most of us had our ups and downs and unfortunately, others were not even able to have the opportunity to do a retrospect of last year - they are safe in the grave! Hmmm… it’s being referred to as ‘last year’ so soon.

A few wouldn’t give a hoot about how well or worse their 2013 was. They preferably would want to blame it on one person or another; if not the government.

A chunk of us, however, would want to ponder over it and make this ‘new’ year (which indeed is not anything new) one worth celebrating by resolving to do some things better or maybe best.

The scripture rightly did hint that there was nothing new under the sun. Of course there isn’t! The new technologies and even genre of music, for instance, are only modifications of those that existed way back.

Tell you what, there’s no such thing as ‘out-of-vogue’ fashion because we keep on shuttling between today’s fashion and that of yesterday’s… like our educational system.

The system of governance and the sort of characters we have in our politics today, as a matter of fact, have been lurking around since yesteryears. There’s no such thing as new!     

If you were thinking 2014 was going to be ushered in by something new and grandeur, you must have been very far from right.

Times aren’t going to be any less harder, trust me. Your dreams aren’t going to metamorphose into realities overnight just because it’s 2014.

It beats my mind when one keeps on doing the same thing(s) over and over again, yet expecting to see amazingly different results. It doesn’t work anywhere.

New Year resolutions? Haha. Others have been ‘carry- forwarding’ theirs over the past decade! It’s not funny.

Fact is the same/ similar set-backs would keep coming back to us; like it or not. It behoves us to make changes in how we tackle them.

There would still be the challenge of overcoming our lateness (which of course is in the gene of almost every Ghanaian). You would still have that uncomfortable headache of making GH better than you were born into.

Truth be told, the barriers would still be same. However, the strategies put up in overcoming them must change if they aren’t working.

The year 2014, actually, is another 2013 only with a different name. If you can do anything much with it, revisit your ‘old’ year resolutions. The key to hitting the jackpot you so much desire could be hiding there.

You can decide to do the same things again and again (and again) dreaming of achieving some non- existent resolutions. Sorry, they might not work… for this new year is only an old one in a new skin. 

Happy Old Year. Sorry… happy New Year


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