Let's sustain our democracy

BY: Anthony Kwadwo Kyei
Let's sustain our democracy
Let's sustain our democracy

As Ghanaians, history must always propel us to gird our loins to protect our democratic process. In retrospect, military regimes didn't benefit Ghana, especially in terms of economic progress.

Fortunately, for 30 years now (three decades), the country has succeeded in keeping the choice of governance within the will of its electorate, courtesy of the 1992 Constitution.

Since the exercise of this political sovereignty has engendered glory and fame to Ghana on the African continent, it behoves us to put our shoulders to the wheel to have it sustained at all costs.

Key features of democracy, such as respect for basic human rights, respect for the rule of law, freedom of expression, democratic governance and a democratic voting system, are worthwhile.

A beautiful aspect of our democracy is that the electorate have the power not to renew the mandate of an incompetent government after serving its first term.

With regard to parliamentary democracy, people can vote to elect their representatives. Thus, we have chosen the path of the ballot and not the bullet.

Abraham Lincoln, one of the well-known former Presidents of America, was a passionate advocate of democracy.

He once said, "Money will cease to be the master and become the servant of humanity. Democracy will rise superior to the money power."

We should not entertain those who are not pleased with the peace and stability the country has been enjoying over the years.

There should be no room for insurgents or coup-mongers who would want to cast a shadow on our democratic dispensation through illegal and violent means.

To sustain our democracy, political leaders who are mandated to steer the affairs of the country by the electorate must live up to expectation.

They should not downplay the concerns of the very people who voted them into power, since this could make the electorate become embittered and disillusioned. They must fulfil their promises without taking the citizens for a ride.

We don't need political leaders who would ask the citizens to tighten their belts whilst they loosen theirs. We don't need leaders who are egocentric, corrupt and avaricious.

Ghanaian politicians must eschew extreme partisanship, for it has the potential to stifle national progress and also impact adversely on democracy, especially when politicians place partisanship above nationalism.

Besides, our electoral process must always be free and fair. To avoid electoral violence, it must be devoid of rigging.


Ghana deserves men and women of character to run the affairs of this country. Without good leaders, the country cannot make much progress. In other words, the country cannot reap the fruits of democracy.

As Ghanaians, we have every reason to pride ourselves on the fact that Ghana is now a model of peace and stability in Africa. Posterity will definitely judge us based on our ability to sustain the peace and stability.

We must all be committed to strengthening and deepening the country's democracy.

The nurturing of democracy, encouragement and promotion of individual liberties and freedom of speech are necessary to build the self-confidence of Ghanaians to promote the good of the nation. Let's sustain our democracy.

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