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See why actress Nancy Isime has drastically lost weight
See why actress Nancy Isime has drastically lost weight

Why actress Nancy Isime has drastically lost weight

Nollywood sensation Nancy is letting the public in on her extreme weight loss journey and the revelation has left fans intrigued.


The actress revealed that her weight loss was a result of a deliberate decision she made for a movie role back in 2022. 

She confessed that she had to gain weight for a specific character portrayal, expecting that to shedding it afterward would be a simple task. 

However, the process turned out to be far more challenging and time-consuming than she initially anticipated.

In an Instagram post sighted by Graphic Showbiz, the Shanty Town star shared, "I’m not gonna lie, deciding to add weight for a role in 2022 and lose it right after was a lot more challenging than I expected it to be. Took me wayyyy longer and wayyyy too much effort to get the weight off."

Despite her optimism of losing the added weight within two weeks, she revealed that she was burdened with unexpected metabolism hurdles, which prolonged the journey for over a year, spanning across multiple projects. 

However, her perseverance and dedication ultimately paid off, as she celebrated achieving her healthiest weight, even surpassing her initial goal by an additional 3 kilograms.

Reflecting on her experience, Isime expressed her relief at finally reaching her desired weight, stating, "Never again!!! Happy to be back at my healthiest weight, even smashing my Goal by at least 3 extra KG."

In a lighthearted manner, she hinted at the idea of sharing weight loss tips but opted to keep the narrative of her journey intact, adding a touch of excitement to her online persona. 

She humorously remarked, "I would have given tips but I kinda like the narrative of my yansh bursting, adds a lirru razzmatazz to my boring online personality."

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