Observing noise ban: A call for compliance

Once again, it is the time of year when the people of Ga Mashie in Accra are preparing to commemorate the culturally important Homowo festival.


As has been the case over the years, the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) has proactively implemented measures to promote a peaceful atmosphere for all residents during the festive period, including a ban on noise-making.

The implementation of the month-long ban on noise-making within the jurisdiction of the AMA, effective Monday, May 6, 2024, to Thursday, June 6, 2024, is a commendable effort to promote unity and harmony during this important cultural event.

The AMA has clearly outlined activities that are prohibited during this period, including restrictions on the use of musical instruments outside churches, mosques and pubs, as well as a cessation of roadside evangelism. These measures are aimed at creating a conducive atmosphere for all residents to observe the Homowo festival in a respectful and dignified manner.

The Daily Graphic is of the view that all members of the community should adhere to these guidelines set forth by the AMA. This directive has been in place for many years and has become ingrained in the culture of the capital city, so this year is not the first time.

We believe that by complying with the noise ban and showing respect for one another's religious and cultural practices, we can contribute to a harmonious and inclusive society where diversity is celebrated and mutual understanding is fostered.

Religious leaders play a vital role in promoting unity and tolerance within the community. They must lead by example and encourage their followers to respect the beliefs and practices of others.

Indeed, our religious leaders, over the years, have helped create an environment where all residents feel valued and accepted irrespective of their religious affiliation and that has contributed to the peace enjoyed in the country and the accolades we receive internationally for our religious tolerance.

Community members also have a responsibility to uphold the spirit of respect and harmony during this period. It is essential for individuals to be mindful of their actions and words, ensuring that they do not offend or disrespect others.

 By demonstrating empathy and tolerance towards different religious and cultural practices, community members can contribute to a culture of inclusivity and acceptance. Instead of disrupting the preparations for Homowo and its celebration, individuals outside the Ga community could use this time to relax and enjoy some peace.

Business owners and operators are encouraged to support the AMA's efforts to maintain peace and order during the noise ban period. If they refrain from hosting loud events or playing loud music, businesses can show their commitment to creating a peaceful environment for all residents.

Additionally, businesses should be vigilant in ensuring that their patrons adhere to the noise ban guidelines, thereby contributing to a harmonious community atmosphere. Homowo is a time for reflection, celebration and unity.

It provides an opportunity for residents to come together and honour their cultural heritage in a spirit of camaraderie and respect. As we prepare to observe this significant event, let us remember the importance of upholding civility and harmony within our community.

The AMA's noise ban serves as a reminder of the need to prioritise peaceful coexistence and mutual understanding. It is a call to action for all residents to demonstrate empathy, tolerance and respect towards one another. These values can create a community that celebrates diversity and promotes unity.

The Daily Graphic urges us all to commit to upholding respect and harmony as we observe the AMA's noise ban. Together, we can build a community where differences are celebrated and unity prevails. Let us embrace this opportunity to come together in a spirit of understanding and cooperation, ensuring that the upcoming Homowo festival is a time of joy, reflection and mutual respect.

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