The Royal Bank to spread its wings nationwide

BY: Maclean Kwofi
 Mr Osei Asafo Adjei (2rd right) with other executives of the bank cutting tape to open the new Royal Bank Branch in Tudu, Accra.
 Mr Osei Asafo Adjei (2rd right) with other executives of the bank cutting tape to open the new Royal Bank Branch in Tudu, Accra.

The Managing Director of The Royal Bank Limited (TRB), Mr Osei Asafo Adjei, has announced that  the bank will embark on a  branch expansion drive to the  Upper East and Upper West regions next year.

It will also expand its operations in the Eastern and Western regions in 2019.

He  explained that the decision  was part of a strategic plan to spread the bank’s branches across the country with presence in each region by the close of 2020.

“Presently the bank has successfully deepened its footsteps in six regions in the country, therefore, it is taking steps to increase its branches in the rest of the regions before the end of 2020,” Mr Adjei said at the opening of the bank’s Tudu Branch in Accra.

He observed that the rate at which the bank had developed its branches over the past four years have been quite rapid. He explained that because the bank was new it needed to have branches throughout the country.

“The objective of our strategic plan is to deepen our presence in Upper East and Upper West regions in 2018 and Eastern and Western regions in 2019, so that by 2020 we would have covered all the regions in Ghana,” he said.

Branch opening

With the opening of the Tudu branch in Accra, the Royal Bank presently has 26 branches spread across six regions in the country.

 “I am proud to open this new branch. We have been implementing our strategic plan over the last three years which includes providing enhanced service to the retail market,” he said.

According to him, the branch expansion drive and the innovative electronic service solutions are aimed at ensuring that customers enjoyed convenience in an enabling environment for easy and accessible banking services.

He said “delivering quality, desirable services to our customers is at the heart of our success. I look forward to enhancing our customers’ satisfaction with our state-of-the-art modern banking facilities in this new branch.”

Mr Adjei said the bank was people -centred and was not only looking at areas where there were businesses, but would rather open branches at places where people needed  banking services.

He said as a wholly owned Ghanaian bank, it was committed to promoting Ghanaian businesses and called for the support of the media to help the bank to succeed in its quest to reach the unbanked in the society and in the region in particular.

Currently, he said the bank’s business areas included construction, commerce, transportation, oil, energy, mining, telecommunications and agro-processing.

He said some of the products of the bank would be area-based and depending on the needs of the community, the bank could develop products to cater for those needs.

About the bank

The Royal Bank Limited a wholly owned Ghanaian bank was incorporated on July 15, 2011, and started operations on December 10, 2012.


“Management and staff of The Royal Bank under my time tested leadership have embraced this excellent objective due to its beneficial appeal to all stakeholders, be it customers, our staff, our regulators and our shareholders,” Mr Adjei said.