New boutique hotel opens in Accra

The hospitality industry continues to grow and expand by the day with the emergence of new hotels and guest residential facilities across the country.

The latest to enter the market, promising to deliver quality and customised services fashioned along international standards, is the Brynx Haven Hotel located at Ashieyie near Adenta in the Greater Accra Region.

It is the brainchild of the owner and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Isaac Hayford, a quinquagenarian, who is an architect and a building contractor that have designed a number of magnificent buildings at various points in the city and beyond.

The Accra branch brings to two after Cape Coast the number of hospitality facilities owned by Brynx Haven.

The Brynx Haven in Accra is a nine-bedroom exquisitely crafted boutique hotel, established for the client who does not wish to travel too far out of Accra to relax.

Boasting of five executive rooms and four standard rooms, Brynx Haven’s rooms have unique ambiance, unbelievable space and nicely crafted closets to keep your belongings as well as pleasing bathrooms that give you the kingly feeling of home away from home.


Opening the facility in Accra on Saturday, May 6, Mr Hayford, gave the assurance that the new facility would offer services that would factor in the health needs of its clients.

“Most hotels in the country do not take into consideration the individual needs of the visitors, they often provide just a broad spectrum of choices, giving patrons less options.

“This we think was a huge gap in these days where a lot of people have health issues and so it is very important the needs of people are well taking care of in a special way so that they are not left out; and so, if someone doesn’t eat sugar, salt, and oil there should be other options for them,” he said

He said the Brynx Haven was targeting clientele from both diaspora and those in the country who value their health.

According to him, aside from the main kitchen in the facility there is a bespoke kitchen indoor that allows guests to interact with the chef while their meals are being prepared.

Separate lounges

Mr Hayford observed that there were three separate lounges for guests and their visitors or just for guests to enjoy a living area experience.

He said Brynx Haven stands for the unflinching resilience of the African spirit.

“Staff are smart, polite, well trained to welcome guests and make you wish not to check out once you check in. Tidy and smiling will make you enjoy the experience even more.

“There is a massage facility that offers free hands-off massage. If you prefer a personalised hands-on one, a full-body massage can be arranged on appointment,” he added.

Industry prospects

The CEO noted that there were a lot of prospects in the country’s hospitality industry.

“The industry has a huge prospect for growth when facilities would maintain quality and keep standards to the highest level,” he said.

He added that most clients were willing to pay more for top notch quality.

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