Association of Certified HRs - Ghana launched

BY: GraphicOnline
Madam Hilda De Souza, the Interim Charter President of the Association of Certified HRs - Ghana
Madam Hilda De Souza, the Interim Charter President of the Association of Certified HRs - Ghana

The Association of Certified HRs - Ghana has been launched with a call on Human Resource managers to drive changes that will determine the successes of businesses.

Speaking at the launch of the association in Accra, Mr Joseph Ampofo, the Managing Director for Enterprise Trustees said, "whether change is intentionally driven or not, it is bound to happen."

Mr Ampofo said, how proactively these changes are pre-empted will determine the successes or otherwise of a business or organisation.

"The world of work continues to undergo changes every day and just as these changes have shaped the world of work today, the Human Resource (HR) practitioner must also undergo the same," he said.

Mr Ampofo noted that HR professionals cannot drive systemic change in their organization if they are not flexible and ready to adapt to new circumstances.

"As HR professionals you need to be ready to spur people on to accept changes in the organization," he said.

"As businesses adapt, so must you also adapt," he added.

He said change can sometimes mean reengineering an entire business model to suit products and services, service delivery and sales among others.

He noted that the future is happening now and urged HR professionals to take advantage of the possibilities around to move their organisations forward.

In her acceptance speech, Madam Hilda De Souza, the Interim Charter President of the Association of Certified HRs - Ghana said, HR remains the sharpener for the new future of work.

She revealed that most initiatives and adaptation techniques that have transformed businesses following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic have been led by seasoned HR directors, managers and business partners.  

She said degrees and academic qualifications alone are not enough for career success and a seat on the decision-making table, hence the need for practitioners to register with the association.

Madam De Souza said, to remain relevant and be counted as an HR professional, one cannot shy away from the gathering of like-minded people.

"As controversial as it may sound, I have told colleague HR professionals to stop fighting for a place on the table, and rather position ourselves such that the table is not complete without us, she said.

"The uniqueness of this Association is that we focus on Certified Professionals and those on their journey to become certified," the Interim President added.


The association which seeks to create a platform for like-minded professionals to network and share knowledge is aimed at engaging in continuous learning and development towards re-certification, providing a pool of mentors for young and growth-oriented professionals, and also get involved in research and advocacy for policies, regulations and best practices in the industry.

A seven member interim executive led by Madam De Souza as President was sworn into office to steer the affairs of the association for the next six months.

Other members include Paul Otu, Vice President; Stephen Kwame Agbai, Treasurer; Yvonne Wiredu-Akpabli, Programmes Director; Mrs Marie-Ann Ocansey, Communications Director; Susan Livingston Antwi, Secretary and Hope Cornel Yibor, Operations Director.