Kathleen Addy — Chairperson of NCCE
Kathleen Addy — Chairperson of NCCE

Promoting peaceful elections through dialogue

As Ghana approaches the 2024 presidential and parliamentary elections, the National Commission for Civic Education (NCCE) has launched an initiative to ensure a peaceful and violent-free elections. 


The Inter-Party Dialogue Committees (IPDCs), established by the NCCE, aim to promote peace, tolerance and collaboration among political parties, stakeholders and citizens. The IPDCs, present in regional and district capitals, comprise representatives from political parties, faith-based organisations, civil society groups, independent governance institutions, security services, traditional leaders and the National Peace Council.

These committees have successfully resolved disputes and promoted peaceful coexistence during past elections through constructive dialogue and mediation.

Achievements and Election 2024

The IPDCs have chalked up several successes, including conflict resolution, voter education and identifying early warning scenarios. To ensure peaceful elections in 2024, the NCCE has announced the commencement of IPDC activities across the country, focusing on four broad areas: violence and intemperate language, fake news and misinformation, religious intolerance and the demand and supply of money in political campaigns.

The NCCE's theme for 2024, "Together we can build Ghana, so get involved," emphasises the importance of collective effort and unity in building a democratic and peaceful nation.

The IPDCs serve as a shining example of state institutions working together for the greater good, promoting dialogue, tolerance and unity to ensure a peaceful and credible elections.

About NCCE

The NCCE is a vital institution in Ghana's democratic landscape which is mandated to promote and sustain democracy, civic awareness and citizen participation. Established under Article 231 of the Constitution and the National Commission for Civic Education Act, 1993 (Act 452), the NCCE plays a crucial role in fostering a culture of democracy, human rights and civic responsibility.

Role in democracy

The NCCE serves as a catalyst for civic engagement and participation, constitutional literacy and awareness, human rights education and protection, promotion of democracy and its sustenance, inclusive and equitable development.

Through its functions and objectives, the NCCE empowers citizens, fosters a culture of democracy and contributes to the development of a more inclusive and equitable society.

By promoting dialogue, tolerance and unity, Ghana can ensure peaceful and credible elections, upholding its democratic values and safeguarding the electoral process. The NCCE and IPDCs are crucial institutions in Ghana's democratic landscape which are working tirelessly to promote and sustain democracy, civic awareness and citizen participation.

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