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Domestic Abuse: Don’t let your wedding rings imprison you – Women advised
Domestic Abuse: Don’t let your wedding rings imprison you – Women advised

Domestic Abuse: Don’t let your wedding rings imprison you – Women advised

In a powerful message of empowerment, Ms. Leelai M. Kpukuyou-Browne, a Women's Rights activist and social reformist, has called upon married women facing domestic or marital abuse to break their silence.


She asserts that no one should feel bound by societal norms or their wedding rings, emphasizing that no one should endure abusive relationships.

Speaking on the Standpoint television show with Gifty Anti, Ms. Kpukuyou-Browne shared her perspective: "Understand that your story should end up in a way that you triumph. Do not stay and feel imprisoned by a ring." Her mission is to use her own experiences as a beacon of hope, aiming to liberate women from all walks of life.

Ms. Kpukuyou-Browne's advocacy extends to professional women, who often grapple with the weight of societal expectations. 

She encouraged them to embrace their true feelings and reject the need to conform. "Start living as a result of what genuinely you feel within and stop caring so much about society’s impression," she urged.

Despite her impassioned plea, Leelai clarified that she does not advocate for hasty separations, affirming her belief in love, relationships, and marriage. She expressed a desire to love and marry again, emphasizing that her message is not one of aggression, but of freedom.

Ms. Kpukuyou-Browne, a distinguished Trade and Investment Expert, Women’s Rights advocate, and Philanthropist, has garnered accolades for her dedication to post-conflict peace negotiations and economic development in Liberia. 

She has served as a key consultant and advisor to various international organizations, including the African Union Commission, the United Nations, UNDP, ILO, and the UK High Commission.

Drawing from her personal experiences with conflict, displacement, and domestic violence, Leelai founded the African Youth and Women Empowerment Initiative (AYOWEI). The organization, active in both the United States and Liberia, focuses on empowering youth and women through socio-economic aid and affirmative action.

Ms. Kpukuyou-Browne's resolute commitment to breaking the chains of abuse and dismantling societal stereotypes underscores her dedication to creating a world where every woman, regardless of her background or profession, can stand tall in her own authority and truth.

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