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How to look good as a wedding guest

How to look good as a wedding guest

Looking good as a wedding guest is important because you would be celebrating a special occasion with the couple and you want to show respect and appreciation for their big day. Here are some tips on how to look your best:


Follow the dress code: Pay close attention to the wedding invitation for any dress code guidelines. Common dress codes include formal, semi-formal, casual and beach attire. Make sure your outfit aligns with the specified dress code.

Choose appropriate colours: Avoid wearing white or any colour that might overshadow the bride, as it's traditionally her colour. Stick to colours that are complementary but not too attention-grabbing. Some people intentionally overdress just to take the shine away from the bride. Just be happy for your friend or family relation and don’t overshadow her.

yellow suit

polka men's suit

Dress comfortably: While looking good is essential, comfort is also key. You may be at the wedding for several hours, so choose an outfit and shoes that won't leave you feeling uncomfortable.

Plan: Don't wait until the last minute to select your outfit. Plan, so you have time to shop for the perfect attire, get it tailored if necessary, and ensure it's clean and in good condition.

fringes maxi

Accessories: Choose appropriate accessories that complement your outfit. A well-chosen piece of jewellery, a clutch or a tie can add elegance to your look.

Grooming: Pay attention to your personal grooming. This includes your hair, nails and any facial hair. Make sure everything is neat and well-maintained.

green maxi outfit

Hairstyle: Select a hairstyle that complements your outfit and your personal style. You might want to visit a salon for a special occasion look or style your hair at home.

Makeup: If you're a woman and choose to wear makeup, apply it tastefully. Avoid going too heavy on the makeup and opt for a natural look.

Hatinator for hair

full green wide rim hat

Fragrance: Use a subtle fragrance or perfume. Avoid overpowering scents that can be disruptive in close quarters. Remember, some people have allergies, therefore, you should be mindful of the fragrance you put on yourself.

Shoes: Choose comfortable; yet, stylish shoes that match your outfit. You may be standing and dancing, so ensure they are appropriate for the occasion.

blue kaftan

Respect cultural and religious customs: If the wedding follows specific customs or religious traditions, ensure that your attire is respectful and appropriate.

flowery shoes

sandals classic

Personal style: Don't forget to let your personal style shine through. It's okay to incorporate your individuality into your outfit, as long as it's respectful and appropriate.

white and blue combo

Remember, being a good wedding guest is about more than just appearance. Be courteous, respectful and supportive of the couple as they celebrate their special day. Enjoy the wedding and create lasting memories for yourself and the newlyweds.


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