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The court will grant custody in most instances to the parent whose control and care the children are used to

I am scared to lose custody of my children

Dear Mirror Lawyer, My boyfriend failed to marry me despite several promises. In anticipation of this marriage, we had two children, a boy aged six years and a girl aged three years.

Most of the skin bleaching products contain hydroquinone, corticosteroids and mercury

More than a third of Ghanaians bleaching their skin ---WHO report

More than a third of the country’s population are bleaching their skin , posing a threat to their health. 

Blakk Rasta

Up close with Blakk Rasta: A fusion of fashion, music and culture

Blakk Rasta, born Abubakar Ahmed, stands as a prominent figure in Ghanaian reggae and Kuchoko music, elevating the essence of both art forms. Beyond his musical prowess, he's recognised for his multifaceted talents as a radio presenter.

Give as you want to be given

“Therefore whatever you desire for men to do to you, you shall also do for them; for this is the law and the prophets.”― Matthew 7:12 [World English Bible]

Will we finish the year well?

The days have quickly melted into weeks, and the weeks into months, this year. Today is the last Saturday of November and we have one more month to close this year.

Many individuals with disabilities experience social isolation and exclusion

Implement Disability Law for us all

Last weekend, I went to visit an elderly relative who had been hospitalised at a private hospital in a town in the Eastern Region.

Dr Juliana Ameh triumphs in healthcare leadership

The  Chief Executive Officer of The Trust Hospital (TTT) since 2019, Dr Juliana Oye Ameh , has seen her strategic goals yield significant results in just four years.

Black or Red Friday?

In just four weeks and two days from today, we will have Christmas Day—December 25, 2023! And with Christmas approaching, the ceremonial bells are ringing!

Peace Apeadu (2nd right) President of POGA’ 1983 presenting the items to Mrs Agbezudor, headmistress of OLA Ho, while other members of the year-group and staff of the school look on

POGA’ 1983 supports alma mater

MEMBERS of the 1983-year group of the Past OLA Girls Association (POGA) have donated 2,000 sanitary pads, deodorants, bales of mosquito nets, notebooks, branded pens and 200 desks to their alma mater.

Hands off Kakum National Park

For a country formerly called Gold Coast, gold mining has not dealt kindly with us. The gold trade has flourished in these parts for more than a thousand years. However, since colonialism entered into the fray, minerals have become the bane of our existence.

How do we work?

This week, I have been saddened by how a company once valued at US $47 billion had to file for bankruptcy protection, which analysts say was a last-ditch attempt to address its massive debt and operational issues.

God our Saviour wants everyone to be saved

He desires everyone to be saved

Have you met some believers who are "so heavenly minded that they are no earthly good," so to say?

Honouring our media heroes

This article has been prompted by an event and a question. On Sunday, October 29, 2023, the Ghana Journalists Association organised its 27th Awards ceremony at the Accra International Conference Centre in Accra.

An increasing number of tourists to Ghana are beginning to use our country as the base while they do quick dashes to neighbouring countries before finally returning to Europe and the Americas.

Cross-border tourism

Much has been said about the hassles involved in crossing our neighbouring borders for trade and tourism. Well, just over a week ago, this proposition was put to the test again.

Justice Ganku (left) and Davis Attah, two of the brains behind Juki Nuts, on display at the Intra-Africa Trade Fair in Cairo, Egypt.

Inspiring journey of Juki Nuts founders at Intra-Africa Trade Fair

Justice Ganku, 27 and Davis Attah, 26, are among the 43 Ghanaian exhibitors at the Intra-Africa Trade Fair which started here on November 9, this year.

Prices for graves escalate

Families are paying more in recent times for space to bury their dead.

Mr Raphaelle Antwi (left) with Professor George Einstein

RAIN Foundation honours 27 in USA

The Predecessors Awards Worldwide of Relevant Achievers Impacting Nations (RAIN) on Saturday  November 11, 2023 honoured 27 heroes in America. The event, Prestigious Annual Predecessors Awards 2023, America Edition, was held in West Palm, Florida.

I slept with 300 people in a year — haters say I’m ‘disgusting’ but I feel empowered
I slept with 300 people in a year — haters say I’m ‘disgusting’ but I feel empowered

I slept with 300 people in a year — haters say I’m ‘disgusting’ but I feel empowered

An Australian woman who says she had sex with more than 300 people in one year found the experience “empowering.”

Annie Knight, 26, told “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” that she even managed to bed five people in a single day during the frisky, fun-filled year.

Justmoh Constructions wins Overall Best Construction Company of the Year

The Chief Executive Officer of Justmoh Constructions Limited, Mr Justice Amoh, has been a well-known figure in the construction industry for over three decades.

Reducing financial problems in marriage

An Akan axiom ‘sika ye mogya’, to wit money is blood, shows that money is critical in all areas of life, especially in marriage, which is the most important human investment.

‘Reggae is truckload of messages going places’

Ras Opoku’s face lights up and his smile broadens anytime the conversation turns to reggae and that’s because he stands by the conviction that the world has never seen a more effective conveyor of positive messages through music than what reggae does.

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