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Prices for graves escalate

Families are paying more in recent times for space to bury their dead.

Mr Raphaelle Antwi (left) with Professor George Einstein

RAIN Foundation honours 27 in USA

The Predecessors Awards Worldwide of Relevant Achievers Impacting Nations (RAIN) on Saturday  November 11, 2023 honoured 27 heroes in America. The event, Prestigious Annual Predecessors Awards 2023, America Edition, was held in West Palm, Florida.

I slept with 300 people in a year — haters say I’m ‘disgusting’ but I feel empowered
I slept with 300 people in a year — haters say I’m ‘disgusting’ but I feel empowered

I slept with 300 people in a year — haters say I’m ‘disgusting’ but I feel empowered

An Australian woman who says she had sex with more than 300 people in one year found the experience “empowering.”

Annie Knight, 26, told “The Kyle and Jackie O Show” that she even managed to bed five people in a single day during the frisky, fun-filled year.

Justmoh Constructions wins Overall Best Construction Company of the Year

The Chief Executive Officer of Justmoh Constructions Limited, Mr Justice Amoh, has been a well-known figure in the construction industry for over three decades.

Reducing financial problems in marriage

An Akan axiom ‘sika ye mogya’, to wit money is blood, shows that money is critical in all areas of life, especially in marriage, which is the most important human investment.

‘Reggae is truckload of messages going places’

Ras Opoku’s face lights up and his smile broadens anytime the conversation turns to reggae and that’s because he stands by the conviction that the world has never seen a more effective conveyor of positive messages through music than what reggae does.

How can I treat my foot rot?

Dear Mirror Doctor, My feet smell after a long day's work. No matter how much I try I don't seem to be able to get it treated. I am told it is due to foot rot.  How can I prevent it from recurring please?

Nana Sarfo is the proprietor of Savile Row

Nana Sarfo's Savile Row: Where luxury and class converge

Nana Sarfo is widely recognised as a prominent fashion icon, renowned for his penchant for luxury brands. His name resonates with fashion enthusiasts as he consistently exudes a classy and dapper appearance, whether he is attending formal or casual events.

Mr Yofi Grant, with microphone, making his submission at the forum. Picture: Doreen Hammond

African governments must break down trade barriers — Yofi Grant

The Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Authority, Mr Yofi Grant, has reiterated the need for African governments to review the barriers that make trade and tourism a challenge among their peoples.

NAPO ties the knot
Information available to Graphic Online indicates that the ceremony took place in the third quarter of 2023.

NAPO ties the knot

The Minister of Energy, Dr Matthew Opoku Prempeh, commonly referred to as Nana Poku (NAPO) recently tied the knot.

In Bitcoin mining, one needs to invest energy in order to generate or create Bitcoins.

‘Bit of a hazard’

Bitcoin is the signature crypto asset, hence, reading a report last week that a UN-affiliated agency has cautioned that its water and energy usage, during the mining process, posed significant environmental risks got me thinking.

A nation sinking in a sea of greed?

Between January and now, prices of commodities have shot up astronomically. Living a healthy life has almost become impossible now because everything is outrageously expensive these days. Things are as hard as a rock and even the visually impaired can see it.

Can an employee establish same business as an employer?

Dear Mirror Lawyer, Is it permissible for a worker employed in an organisation to privately establish the same business and run it in his spare time to supplement his income?

Dr Felix Govina- Chief Executive Officer of New Vision Dental Clinic

Practise safe sex to prevent oral diseases - Dr Govina

The Chief executive Officer of New Vision Dental Clinic in Accra, Dr Felix Govina, has stated the importance of safe practices during oral sex for men and women.

Natural disasters tend to lead to considerable infrastructural damage which in itself impedes the recovery of tourism

Water disaster, tourism

The spill over from the Akosombo Dam and its consequences in parts of the Volta, Greater Accra and Eastern Regions are now common knowledge.

Elegant women typically avoid overly casual clothing such as sweat pants or torn jeans, in formal or upscale settings.

Things elegant ladies never wear

Elegance is often associated with a refined and tasteful sense of style. We all have some things we prefer to wear, however, there are certain items that many consider less elegant.

The swarm of bees descended upon the gathering causing chaos

Bee attack disrupts burial service

A solemn joint burial service by the E.P. Church, Ghana (EPCG), Global Evangelical Church and Lighthouse Chapel International at Akoefe-Achati, near Ho, took a different  turn on Saturday, October 28, 2023 with the arrival of unexpected visitors; bees.

We must behave differently

It is a matter of concern that  we see a distinct difference in the conduct  and behaviour of  persons who claim to be believers in Christ.

Treatment of scars obviously will depend on the type of scar you have.

How do I deal with scars on my legs?

Dear Mirror Doctor, I am a student in one of our senior high schools and I have so many scars on my legs because my skin is very sensitive.

Ms Ruth Adjorlolo

From reluctance to resilience: Ruth Adjorlolo’s battle with breast cancer

When you meet Ms. Ruth Adjorlolo, you'll quickly notice her vibrant personality and her ability to connect with people of all ages.

The festival shone a spotlight on underappreciated creatives and talented designers in the Ghanaian fashion industry

Obroni Wawu festival exceeds expectation

The second edition of Obroni Wawu October (OWO) came off at the Rawlings Park in Accra last Sunday with more than what the organisers had promised ahead of the event.

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