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Gayle King: Veteran journalist and Oprah's bestie reveals how a loan request ended her relationship
Gayle King: Veteran journalist and Oprah's bestie reveals how a loan request ended her relationship

Gayle King: Veteran journalist and Oprah's bestie reveals how a loan request ended her relationship

In a recent episode of "The Pivot" podcast, veteran journalist Gayle King opened up about her dating preferences and shared an interesting story about a date that took an unexpected turn. 

For right-handed individuals, wearing the watch on the left hand reduces the risk of scratching

Why do we wear wrist watches on our left hand?

With the emergence of mobile phones some people are no longer interested in buying wrist watches. Those who love to keep wrist watches adorn them because they are a fashion accessory.

Makers of Ghana’s journalism: National policy

National policy is one of the main determinants or indicators of news. The other determinants include the following – timeliness and continuing timeliness; proximity or nearness to place of origin of the news; economic and cultural interest or values in origin or place of publication; size or magnitude; significance or importance; editorial policy; human interest; newness; and strangeness.

A 43-year-old driver appeared before the Twifo Praso District Court

Driver in court for "licking" 12 year old at Twifo Eduabeng

A 43-year-old driver appeared before the Twifo Praso District Court for allegedly licking and fondling the vagina of a 12-year-old girl at Twifo Eduabeng in the Twifo Atti-Morkwa District of the Central Region.

Esther Kisseh (left) live on stage at +233

Esther Kisseh’s big day at Jazz Foundation launch

When the founding members of the Ghana Jazz Foundation (GJF) indicated they would present a saxophone to a young player at the launch of the organisation on January 7, 2024 during the Jazz In January Festival at the +233 Jazz Bar & Grill in Accra, many in the audience wondered who could be the lucky beneficiary.

Kwaw Ansah (right) in a handshake with the Oguaahen. Looking on is Nana Obiri Aduama I, Chairman of the 25th Anniversary Planning Committee

Cape Coast embraces Kwaw Ansah

When Kwaw Ansah stood up last Sunday, January 21 to make some comments to an audience which had just watched his ‘Love Brewed in the African Pot’ film at the Ridge Royal Hotel in Cape Coast, he couldn’t help recollecting a scene where Kofi Appiah tells his daughter, Aba, that he sent her to Cape Coast to get a good education and to become a lady.

Musician cries out upon hearing 35 years jail term for robbery

A budding musician, Benjamin Aboakye, alias Rapture, cried out  in court :  “Oh I am dead, when will I come back to take care of my children”,  when he  was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment for robbery.

•Mrs Jessica Nkansah is the Head of the Inspectorate Directorate of the Ghana Standards Authority

Jessica Nkansah: Scientist, Auditor, GSA fish safety boss

At the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), fish import and export thrives under the leadership of Mrs Jessica Nkansah, a scientist and auditor who stands as a symbol of innovation and strength.

Too much focus on entertainment in churches - Rev Eastwood Anaba
Too much focus on entertainment in churches - Rev Eastwood Anaba

VIDEO: What Rev Eastwood Anaba said about the excessive focus on entertainment in churches

A video has surfaced online featuring Reverend Eastwood Anaba expressing concern about the prevalent focus on entertainment in churches.

Fiesta Residence
President of the Ghana Chef Association, Chef Isaac Sackey (right) presenting the Black Star flag and box of "Ghanaian charms" to Chef Malan

Fiesta Hospitality Group sends chef to Culinary Olympics

Ghana is set to make a debut appearance at the 26th edition of the IKA/Culinary Olympics, the world‘s largest international exhibition for culinary skills.

Black Stars and the real curse

One does not have to be superstitious to subscribe to the idea that the Black Stars are cursed. It is the only explanation left to explore. Our team was not the worst at the tournament.

You may become addicted to masturbation and carry it into marriage.

Is masturbation on the rise?

Masturbating is sexual self-pleasing that involves some form of physical stimulation of the genitals. It usually involves fondling, caressing and stroking of the genitals which may or may not result in orgasm.

Blessedness of true Christian

The days have melted into weeks; and the weeks almost into a month. Tomorrow is the last Sunday of the first month of the New Year.

Understand the dress code

Turn on the style for parties

Dressing well for parties involves a combination of style, appropriateness for the occasion, and personal comfort. Here are some tips to help you look your best at parties:

How is imposition of curfew regulated?


Dear Mirror Lawyer, How is the imposition of curfew regulated in this country to avoid its abuse by the authorities?

some of the designs by Extra Fashion Ghana

Extra Fashion Ghana relocates shop to Dansoman

Extra Fashion Ghana has officially relocated its flagship shop from Adabraka to Dansoman in Accra.

Without balance, servants rule their kings

Wisdom of balance

In primary school, we were taught about the need for balanced diets to grow well. A diet that was balanced contained all the nutrients in the right proportion.

‘Tax our wealth’

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting, the leading summit for engaging the world's leaders to help shape the global, regional and industry agenda each year, took place in Davos-Klosters, from January 14 to19, 2024. In fact, apart from the year 2022 that the annual meeting took place from May 22, and ended on May 26, since inception it has always come off in January.

The big Xmas debate on Ghanaian economy

“Fellow Ghanaians, I am particularly glad that our nation has turned the corner following the three difficult years we, and indeed the world, have faced.

Some studies suggest that more and more Ghanaians are choosing to stay single.

Are more Ghanaians rejecting marriage?

In the Ghanaian culture and tradition, the main focus in life is to marry, have children and raise a family to preserve the human race. Marriage is therefore a sacred duty and all adults are expected to marry.

Sustainability is another current and future focus for the international travel community

The outlook is sunny

We are in the New Year, hurray! As 2024 begins, it is good to reflect on international travel in 2023 and to also look ahead.

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