Invest in developing skills of children - Parents urged

Mrs. Christiana Mends, Headmistress of Mends Academy speaking at the event
Mrs. Christiana Mends, Headmistress of Mends Academy speaking at the event

The Headmistress of Mends Academy, Mrs. Christiana Mends has expressed her commitment to champion extra curricular activities as an integral part of teaching and learning in the school.

According to her, extracurricular activity is crucial in building the capabilities, leadership skills and confidence in the students.

“With the advent of the new educational reform in Ghana, extracurricular activities have become an integral part of formal education in the country and this cannot be overemphasised. As a result of this, Mends Academy is embarking on a journey to become a top notch educational institution in the province where we operate, providing excellent education, and raising leaders with virtue and veracity," she said.


Mrs. Mends was speaking during the school’s second graduation ceremony held on Saturday, December 18.

It was on the theme “Extracurricular activities, an integral part of formal education”.

Presentations were made to students who excelled in various areas such as the most innovative student, best science student, best mathematics student, leadership skills, most regular student and overall student in each class.

Invest in extra curricular activities

Mrs. Mends noted that although the students participation in extra curricular activities could be costly, she urged parents not to hesitate to invest in building the talents and skills of their children.

“Extracurricular activities build skills that are not taught in the classroom; it also builds the confidence of your children, their leadership skills and helps them manage their time as well. To walk the talk the school has launched a cultural troupe and a regimental band and commissioned an ICT lab and a literature library to make learning fun," she said.

She also noted that the school will soon launch a robotic club, creative arts and craft class which will include carpentry training, and a Science and Maths club, to include electricals and mechanical engineering to build the skills of the students.

“We must train the minds of students to think and become good citizens to give hope to Ghana and the world at large,” she said.

Identify unique abilities

The Proprietor of the School, Paul Mends, urged parents to encourage their children to focus on their studies, while identifying the unique abilities of their children and pursuing them.

The School improvement Support Officer- Buduburam Circuit of the Ghana Education Service Ms. Faustina Martha Monney, who was also at the event reiterated the importance of extracurricular activities and commended the school for taking the bold step to inculcate skills training.

The ceremony was graced by the Aburi Ankobea Hene, Nana Benpu II, and Nana kwasi Nyari II, Otoase Hene.