My body, my rules  —Givtti

My body, my rules —Givtti

Rapper and actress Givtti ShanDon has asked Ghanaian female celebs to ignore critics and go ahead with whatever procedure they deem fit to enhance their bodies.

For her, whether they go under the knife or work out, these ladies should be left alone to do whatever makes them happy.

“I noticed that on social media, people will troll you when you are overweight, and the same people will pull you apart when you undergo surgery to enhance your body. So no need to allow people decide for you, just do you and make sure your heart is happy,” she told Graphic Showbiz in an interview.

According to Givtti, the pressure to keep in shape, especially as a public figure, was high; and in her pursuit of that, she had been served with insults and name calling.

“My crime was that some months ago, I weighed about 120kg, and anytime I posted a picture, some netizens wrote unprintable words under the post.

“However, when I began my fitness journey and posted my routines on social media, people came at me saying I was gaining too much muscle. So what do I do? When I’m in my natural state, you complain and when I work out too, you do same,” she said.

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Based on this, Givtti said she had developed the mantra, ‘my body, my rules’.

“I’m down to 95kg now but 80kg is my goal. I want to be firm and thick and I know people will have issues with that too. I’ve told myself there is no way I can please everyone, so when it comes to my body, I make the rules and nobody decides for me. I now pay attention to the things that make me happy.

“And because I invest in my body— work out regularly, intermittent fasting, healthy meals, as well as use quality body/skin care products - I decide what to do with my body,” she added.

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