The growing sport of darts; an opportunity for the Ghanaian youth

The growing sport of darts; an opportunity for the Ghanaian youth

Darts is a popular pub game that involves throwing small missiles at a circular target board. It requires skill, precision and strategy.


In recent years, it has evolved into a competitive sport with organised leagues and tournaments.

It has become more popular as a 16-year-old sensation and English professional darts player Luke Littler took the world by storm at the World Darts Championship at the Alexandra Palace in London a fortnight ago.

Despite falling short of the ultimate prize by coming second he drew worldwide attention to the sport which is fast becoming a global competitive game and a profession for many a youth in Europe and America.

Luke Littler had his personal account swell by £300,000 and has a net worth of 500,000 pound sterling.

Darts is a sport mostly enjoyed at recreational centres, pubs, bars and clubs. However, in recent times it is attracting a much larger environment such as stadia, auditoriums and large open spaces.

The Paddy Power World Darts Championship that climaxed on January 3 this year offered a total prize money purse of £2.5m and the Sid Waddell Trophy at stake, with £0.5 million for the winner.

The growing profitability of darts

There's around £15,000,000 of prize money up for grabs in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) every year and then players will also be able to earn money from sponsorships, endorsements and the exhibition circuit according to sports website,

World champion and world number one Luke Humphries scooped the top prize of £500,000 at the Alexandra Palace while he'd previously scooped £120,000 for winning the World Grand Prix, £150,000 for landing the Grand Slam of Darts and another £120,000 for triumphing at the Players Championship Finals.

Humphries and Littler will both now be part of the lucrative Premier League Darts season while they will also be hoping for more big runs at the money-spinning major tournaments according to SportingLife.

Cost of playing darts

Whether you are an experienced player or just enjoy playing darts with friends and family, having your own dartboard is a great way to improve your game.

The cost of a dartboard can vary depending on the type and quality of the board.

On average, a traditional bristle dartboard can cost anywhere from $50 to $150, while electronic dartboards typically range from $80 to $350.

How the Ghanaian youth can make game a profession

The Darts Association of Ghana (DAG) has very few darts centres located in the capital city of Accra. The association since its formation in 2019 only organised an outreach programme to sensitise Ghanaians to the sport in April last year.

Young lads who wish to play the sports are therefore limited to where they can have easy access to venues where the sport is played.

However Ghanaian youth who want to make the sport a profession and eke out a living can join local darts clubs and seek professional training to improve their darts skills. This could involve working with experienced coaches or participating in training programmes.

They can also participate in regional and international competitions, as well as potentially securing sponsorships and endorsements.

The government in tandem with the DAG must develop and create a darts infrastructure. Additionally, as with any competitive activity, there may be opportunities for entrepreneurship, such as opening a darts equipment store or starting a darts-focused media platform.

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