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PlayGhana can’t succeed if artistes keep disrespecting us –DJs
The DJs with the Executive Secretary of CAA, Gyankroma Akufo-Addo

PlayGhana can’t succeed if artistes keep disrespecting us –DJs

AS if that was all they had been waiting for, a number of Ghanaian Disc Jockeys (DJs) couldn’t help but express their displeasure at what they describe as continuous disrespect meted out to them by artistes when the opportunity reared its head.


The visibly angry DJs who have probably been bidding their time to vent didn’t mince words at all at the DJs Exclusive Roundtable: A Strategic Discussion on Ghana’s Music Airplay hosted by Creative Arts Agency (CAA) in Accra recently when they disclosed that until they are appreciated by musicians, it will be difficult for the PlayGhana initiative to be successful.

They were frustrated at how they helped artistes to succeed but were quickly sidelined when the latter got to the peak of their careers. 

The meeting chaired by the Executive Secretary of CAA, Gyankroma Akufo-Addo, was to create a meaningful dialogue with DJs about their role in the PlayGhana initiative and the impact of the Broadcasting Bill Amendment on their craft.

But it seemed the DJs were looking for a legitimate and official platform to formally seek redress for how they have been treated by artistes over the years.

According to them, most of the artistes see them as backburners, a trend which has resulted in DJs being lowly regarded in the music industry.

Popular Nightlife DJ AD DJ, who was very vocal at the meeting, challenged the CAA to have a conversation with the artistes to better understand that they were not backburners in their careers.

“There are many musicians that you help to get to the top but they turn you down with protocols and unnecessary excuses when you even need a favour in return. How do you expect me to use my platform to promote your music to get you there only for you to turn around to disrespect me when you are a big artiste?

“There should be a mutually beneficial relationship and not one where the artiste feels he is too special if we really want to promote PlayGhana and make it successful. The truth is that DJs have built a lot of resentment against artistes,” he said. 

For his part, DJ Slim said the perception that social media influencers were key players in making hits of artistes’ songs was just a mirage which some artistes have bought into, thus strengthening their disrespect of DJs.

While DJ Vyrusky of Lynx Entertainment agreed with his colleagues, he also encouraged them not to focus too much on the negatives, since it could undermine the PlayGhana agenda.

That notwithstanding, he urged the CAA to ensure a system where the PlayGhana initiative will be a “360 Approach”, benefitting every key player and not just the artistes.

In his submission, Andy Dosty pointed out that PlayGhana could be achieved if the DJs are committed, in addition to the presence of a policy to back proper implementation. 

“I think there should be a policy that can force radio managers to play a percentage of Ghanaian music with punitive measures taken against those who flout the directive,” he said.

DJ Black also suggested there should be deliberate measures to push Ghanaian music beyond the country and also place Ghanaians at strategic places in the global music market.

He also called for more education for players in the music industry to have a better understanding of the PlayGhana agenda. 

The PlayGhana initiative was announced by CAA in December last year to salvage the declining trend of Ghanaian music on the airwaves.

It wasn’t well received, generating backlash and, according to Gyankroma Akufo Addo, various dialogue sessions are being held to give players the platform to make meaningful contributions to the initiative. 

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