Kamal Sulley gears up for GOC position

BY: Kwame Larweh
Mr Kamal Sulley

The vice-president of the Ghana Rowing and Canoeing Association, Kamal Sulley, says if he is elected onto the executive board of the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC), he will marshall the resources of the GOC for the benefit of all.

He has vowed to use the GOC to facilitate the organisation of quarterly rowing and canoeing competitions in the country.

 “If I am elected I will ensure that we judiciously use the resources of the GOC for the benefit of all,” the astute sportsman noted.

He is contesting the position which comprises of 10 other contestants, out of which five will be chosen.

Mr Sulley has also received the endorsement of the executives of the Rowing and Canoeing Association who are all throwing their weight behind him.

He charged the delegates to make the best choice which they will never live to regret.