PNC To Transform Ghana In One Year

BY: Francis K. Osabutey

Mr Hassan AyarigaGHANA will witness significant transformation in the first year when a People’s National Convention (PNC) takes over the government administration of the country, the PNC’s flag bearer, Hassan Ayariga, has hinted.
Consequently, he has charged Ghanaians not to make the mistake of voting for any other party except the PNC on December 7, 2012.

“Leadership is about taking responsibility of the ordinary Ghanaian and transforming it for the better,” Mr Ayariga said on the third leg of his Accra tour.
The PNC, he noted, was the only party that cared so much for the people as a result of the programmes it had developed to improve the lives of the citizenry.
The tour took him through to Kaneshie, Kokompe, Darkuman, Fadama, Abeka Lapaz, Nii Boi Town and Achimota.

Accompanying him was the First Vice Chairman of the party, Mr David Nibi, and other supporters of the party.
A large army of people lined the streets to welcome the PNC flag bearer who was riding in an open-top vehicle. Occasionally he stopped in the areas he passed through to address by-standers, residents, traders, artisans, students and the youth.
Shouts of “Two Direct Two Sure”, the slogan of the party, was echoed throughout the tour.

Mr Ayariga said past governments had failed the people in spite of the abundance of resources such as gold, diamond, oil, manganese and timber, adding that when voted into power the PNC would make judicious use of those resources for the benefit of the people.
According to him, the mismanagement of the country’s resources was responsible for its problems.


Today, he said, a section of the youth had engaged in practices such as “sakawa” (internet fraud) because there was no jobs for them to do, and that under Hassan Ayariga the story would be good for the youth as they would be given the requisite employable training, skills and education.

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Mr Ayariga said his decision to contest was to inspire the youth, since it was time for the youth to rule.
He told them (youth) that “your vote for Hassan Ayariga is a vote for yourself” and that if “you don’t do that you throw your future away”.

Throughout his stops, he emphasised the need for peace, as it was very essential to the development of Ghana.
Mr Ayariga said there was no way Ghana could develop without peace and therefore urged Ghanaians, especially the youth, not to be misled by politicians to cause havoc during this year’s elections.

“Let’s not compromise the peace of this country, since Ghana is the only country we have. Let us put Ghana first in everything we do,” he said.
The PNC, he said, stood for peace as it had demonstrated in past elections.

Written By: Eric, Becky & Josephine