Those arrested by the military at Ashiaman
Those arrested by the military at Ashiaman

Military brutalities at Ashaiman; sign of failed state - Economic Fighters League

The Economic Fighters League has condemned the alleged military brutalities against some residents of Ashaiman on Tuesday dawn [March 7, 2023].


They have consequently questioned the authority that deployed the military to Ashaiman to undertake the brutalities. 

In a statement today, the Economic Fighters League said while they join the military in demanding justice for one of their colleagues who was brutally slain at Ashaiman, they condemn the dastardly manner in which the military went in to Ashaiman to look for the killers of their colleague.

A member of the Ghana Armed Forces Band— Sherif Imoro, 21, a trumpeter who was stationed at Sunyani in the Bono Region was last Saturday killed at Ashaiman.

He was in Accra for a military course and in the last three weeks, had been visiting the parents in their home at Ashaiman every Friday.

It was during one of his visits that he was reportedly confronted by a gang who killed him.

He enrolled in the Ghana Armed Forces in October 2021, was trained at Daboya and was posted to Sunyani after passing out.

Some military men on Tuesday dawn stormed Ashaiman to look for the killers of the soldiers and residents were subjected to beatings. 

More than 70 people, mainly men, have so far been arrested by the military to assist with investigations.

Videos circulating on social media concerning how the military that went to the Ashaiman town subjected the residents to brutalities have been widely condemned by the public, calling for justice for those who were brutalized. 

Reacting to the incident, the Economic Fighters League, said “This behaviour must be condemned and resisted everywhere it is seen.”

The group said the action of the military depicts a country that is under a military rule and not a democracy where rule of law works, quizzing that “Are we still under martial law or a state of emergency? Is this not the same way soldiers entered parliament?” 

Below is a copy of the statement

PRESS RELEASE_7 March 2023


The Economic Fighters League condemns the lawlessness and impunity of actions taken by the Ghanaian military in Ashaiman today.

A failing nation is one in which the state creates socio-economic situations so dire that crime escalates to a level where mobile phones and laptops are worth more than a human life. That same failing state is one which, when confronted with the consequences of poor governance, decides to abuse its power, weaponising it against the people it is supposed to serve and protect.

We should not be surprised - we have for a while been witnessing the gradual resurgence of the militarisation of the state, and the rampant impunity with which state actors are able to operate. From the militarisation of Operation Calm Life patrols to the 2020 murder of Eric Ofotsu by soldiers in Ashaiman and the 2021 slaying of youth in the streets of Ejura who were protesting against the murder of Fighter Kaaka in Ejura, the state continues to weaponize its resources against the people instead of serving us. This behaviour must be condemned and resisted everywhere it is seen.

We have observed that the arbitrary deployment of armed military forces is reminiscent of the days of military rule and it raises several questions.

Who gave the order or clearance for all those troops to deploy to Ashaiman with those weapons and logistics?

Are we still under martial law or a state of emergency? Is this not the same way soldiers entered parliament?


We remind the members of the military currently terrorising the people of Ashaiman that the shameful murder of your brother-in-arms and your lack of faith in the ability of the justice system to hold his murderers to account is indicative of the state’s failure to serve you. We join you in calling for justice, but reject your choice to brutalise your brothers and sisters for what a few criminal elements enabled by a rotten system have done.

Revolutionary Regards,

Namata Serumaga-Musisi
Acting Fighter-General
Economic Fighters League

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