PK Amoabeng Scholars Program Inaugurated
PK Amoabeng Scholars Program Inaugurated

PK Amoabeng Scholars Program Inaugurated

In pursuit of a fervent desire to cultivate and nurture transformational leaders who can reshape the fortunes of the African continent, the inaugural cohort of Prince Kofi (PK) Amoabeng Scholars Program, comprising 20 select young men and women, has been inaugurated in Accra, Ghana.

The PK Amoabeng Scholars Program, a flagship initiative of the PK Amoabeng Leadership Foundation, will empower program participants through a comprehensive year-long program encompassing mentorship training, coaching, courses, seminars, and military training exercises.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, Her Ladyship Justice Sophia Akuffo, the former Chief Justice of Ghana, challenged the young Scholars to consistently strive for excellence, anchored upon a shared vision that will amplify their societal impact.

She emphasized that a recurring setback for the African continent has been the failure of its leaders to effectively communicate their visions to their followers, hindering collective ownership and inclusive development.

The former Chief Justice elucidated that sharing a vision presents an opportunity for leaders to harness the wisdom of others, enriching the vision for the betterment of all. She cautioned the youth against operating in silos, as individualism inhibits productivity and progress, advocating for teamwork and collaborative idea sharing.

Describing the 20 beneficiaries as "special future leaders," Her Ladyship Akuffo underscored Ghana and Africa's profound need for individuals who can guide the continent towards its dreams. She urged the young scholars to take up this mantle and make a difference.

She encouraged the young scholars to excel in all their endeavours, nurturing the aspiration to surpass even the achievements of PK Amoabeng himself, enabling them to positively impact the lives of those they encounter throughout their leadership journeys.

Her Ladyship Sophia Akuffo further challenged the young scholars to uphold integrity as their guiding principle, emphasizing its significance in their life's journey. She envisioned a future where the young scholars, who matured into adults, will leave an indelible mark on society, achieving their set goals.

The former Chief Justice also underscored the importance of good governance and transparency, emphasizing that these virtues thrive in an environment where processes and procedures are meticulously followed for orderly conduct.

Prince Kofi Amoabeng, the architect of the PK Amoabeng Scholars Program, expressed confidence that his life experiences, particularly his involvement with UT Bank, have equipped him with the knowledge and expertise to nurture the much-needed thought leaders Africa requires for its transformation agenda.

"I believe that my experiences through UT and my life have provided me with solutions to create leaders with a different mindset. This is why we established the PK Amoabeng Scholars Group," he stated.

He highlighted the program's objective to cultivate leaders who think differently, possess a deep understanding of the African continent, and are committed to serving others in their respective fields, considering it a divine calling.

The beneficiaries of the transformative one-year Scholars Program expressed their gratitude to Mr. Kofi Amoabeng for this exceptional opportunity. They reaffirmed their commitment to leverage this opportunity to enhance their leadership skills, lead by example, and prepare themselves for greater roles in the future.

The 20 scholars were carefully selected from a pool of 1,500 applicants, with the final 40 undergoing a rigorous face-to-face selection process. As part of their leadership capacity-building efforts, the 20 finalists will embark on a one-week military training exercise, engage in multiple mentorship sessions, and participate in a series of local and international courses and seminars over the course of one year.

The organizers affirmed that the PK Amoabeng Scholars Program will be conducted annually, attracting new cohorts of aspiring leaders to foster a network of interconnected servant leaders, capable of making meaningful contributions to society.

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