COVID-19 protocols enforcement at Ministries

BY: Kester Aburam Korankye
Filed photo
Filed photo

Enforcement and compliance with COVID-19 protocols are still in full flight at the Ministries enclave in Accra.

The protocols, including hand washing, wearing of face masks, checking of temperature and the use of hand sanitiser were seen being followed when a Daily Graphic team monitored compliance levels at the various ministries yesterday.

The team observed that beyond the traditional protocols which have been in force since March last year when the pandemic broke out, some ministries have stepped up the prevention strategies by installing sanitiser tunnels at their entrances.

For instance, at the Ministry of Energy, there was a security officer who reminded individuals to walk through the sanitiser tunnel for their entire bodies to be sanitised after they had washed their hands with soap under running water.

There were similar installations at the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation.

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