Eric Kwapong Ministries launches ‘Leaders in Worship’
Eric Kwapong Ministries launches ‘Leaders in Worship’

Eric Kwapong Ministries launches ‘Leaders in Worship’

The Eric Kwapong Ministries, founded by Eric Oduro Kwapong, is gearing up to host ‘Leaders in Worship,’ an outreach event designed to bring together individuals in leadership roles from various sectors through the medium of music.


The event is scheduled to take place on Friday, April 19, 2024, at the Physicians and Surgeons Hall in Accra, starting at 6:00 pm.

“This gathering aims to nurture each leader's personal connection with the Lord Jesus Christ through contemporary worship based on Scriptures,” stated Eric Oduro Kwapong.

He further elaborated, “Leaders In Worship is tailored for key decision-makers, business and corporate executives, senior and lead pastors of churches, media heads, advocates and coalition leaders, traditional leaders, politicians, government officials, and senior state representatives.”

Eric Oduro Kwapong, who is also a Christian leader, life coach, entrepreneur, and psalmist, emphasized that leaders handling significant responsibilities often face daunting, challenging, and stressful situations in their roles, which can make their leadership journey a solitary and demanding one.

“Hence, it is crucial for leaders to have a sacred and safe refuge, which, for many, is found in their faith and personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This sacred sanctuary offers an opportunity to encounter God's tangible presence during the worship experience, directly influencing both their personal and professional lives,” he pointed out.

The event's agenda includes scripture readings featuring Bible verses on leadership, faith, and personal growth that will provide encouragement, inspiration, timeless wisdom, and a solid foundation for the leader's spiritual journey within the worship context.

Furthermore, attendees can expect musical performances, networking opportunities, spoken word presentations, and avenues for building relationships to foster personal spiritual growth and establish authentic connections and potential partnerships.

“This comprehensive program will culminate in a unique, inspiring, profoundly worshipful, and life-transforming event, revitalizing and reinvigorating leaders for a purpose-driven journey,” Mr. Oduro Kwapong emphasized.

All individuals fitting these leadership roles and responsibilities, along with their friends and family, are strongly encouraged to participate in this enlightening, monumental, and life-changing program.

About the Organizers

Leaders in Worship is organized by Eric Kwapong Ministries (EKM), a legally registered para-church and ministry organization specializing in providing tailored training and services to meet the ministry, worship, music training, and leadership capacity-building needs of churches and faith-based institutions. Eric Oduro Kwapong serves as the founding President and CEO of EKM.

His teachings underscore the significance of experiencing God’s supernatural presence through Scriptural worship, which significantly impacts personal faith and leadership capabilities, leading to holistic development across social, economic, and personal domains.

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