Africa Global Business Summit Berlin slated for March 23, 24 in Berlin
Africa Global Business Summit Berlin slated for March 23, 24 in Berlin

Africa Global Business Summit Berlin slated for March 23, 24 in Berlin

The Africa Global Business Summit Berlin (AGBS) 2023 themed "Advancing Africa's Global Private Sector Partnerships: Prospect and Challenges, will be hosted at the Hotel Waldorf Astoria in Berlin on March 23 and 24, 2023.


The AGBS Berlin 2023 is one of the most influential in-person business conferences on the ease of doing business and investing in Africa focusing more on the private and public sector while Analysing Growth Drivers and Business Risk in Africa.

The summit is expected to be graced by Heads of States, Ministers of Economies, Governors, Prime Ministers but most importantly top business leaders from Africa and from around the globe. 

Keynote Speakers such as Her Excellency Chief Dr. Jewel Howard-Taylor (Vice President of the Republic of Liberia), Diombass Diaw (Head of the Economic Office at the Embassy of Senegal in Warsaw, Poland), Krzysztof Drynda (President of the Board Polish Investment and Trade Agency, PAIH), Jutta Urpilainen (European Union Commissioner for International Partnerships in the European Commission), Diamantino Pedro Azevedo (Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Angola) and other notable speakers will be present for the event.

Also expected to be in attendance are Her Excellency Jutta Urpillainen (Commissioner for International Partnership European Commision), Balbina Malheiros Dias da Silva, (S.E. Ambassador of Angola to the Federal Republic of Germany), Diamantino Pedro Azevedo (Minister of Mineral Resources, Oil and Gas, Angola) and Piotr Dytko (President of the Board Polish Investment and Trade Agency, PAIH).
The summit will explore a renewed commitment by both public and private sector stakeholders with their government and policymakers counterpart at building a stronger business collaborations and strategic trade relations with Global Investors and the African Market. It is also an opportunity for global financial actors, investors, development partners, entrepreneurs, diplomats, and technocrats to build strategic networks, identifying growth drivers and business risk as they plan out modalities for the post-Covid economy.

Africa has been considered one of the fastest growing consumer market, major source of raw materials and probably the world future factory after China and India due to her demographic factors. The current population of Africa is 1,414,512,604 as of Saturday, October 22, 2022, based on the latest United Nations estimates. The population density in Africa is 45 per Km2 (117 people per mi2). The total land area is 29,648,481 Km2 (11,447,338 sq. miles) 43.8 % of the population is urban (587,737,793 people in 2019), The median age in Africa is 19.7years.

The above statistics based on People Analytics placed the region as one of the most sought after by almost all the major global players.

Africa's consumer power and expenditure recorded a compound annual rate of 3.9% since 2010 and reached an estimate of USD1.4trillion in 2015 and is expected to increase to USD 2.1trillion by 2025 and USD 2.5trillion by 2030 according to our predictive analytics.

By the completion and full operations of the Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) Africa is expected to be a major business hub and investors destination with a potential market of 1.7billion people.

The summit sub-themes will focus on the following sectors:

•    ICT -The Africa Digital Economy and Disruptive Innovations: how digital transformation is shaping the future of Africa.

•    The Global Energy Transition Strategy: the strategic utilization of energy mix, renewables Etc.

•    Agribusiness and the Digital Agricultural Strategy in Africa.

•    Infrastructure/Real Estate and the African Smart Cities.

•    Health Security and the Impact of Technology and Economics of Scale in Africa.

•    Diversity and Inclusion Management: leading gender equality and inclusion as smart economics.

•    Human Capital Development and Manpower Supply Chain Management: the people Analytic approach.

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