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Accra Technical University at 75: Enhancing ATU brand - The role of alumni

The Year was 2000, and I had just earned my Higher National Diploma from Accra Technical University (ATU), hailed as Ghana's premier technical university. 

Like many of my peers, I was bursting with ambition, and I envisioned a future filled with success in the professional world. As a young graduate, I believed wholeheartedly in the promise that technical expertise would be central to the upcoming fourth industrial revolution.

However, each day brought new challenges, but amidst these challenges were moments of growth and camaraderie with alumni colleagues, resulting in valuable knowledge sharing.

In hindsight, these bonds and experiences enriched my journey beyond the classroom. Today, standing as an accomplished professional after several decades, I serve as living proof of the transformative power of ATU's education and the enduring strength of its network.

As ATU commemorates 75 years of technical education in Ghana, it's an apt occasion to reflect on the enduring legacy shaped by generations of alumni.

Legacy of ATU alumni

The narrative of ATU alumni is one of resilience, resourcefulness and relentless pursuit of excellence. From the halls of academia to the corridors of industry, ATU graduates continue to leave an ineradicable standing in society, embodying the values instilled by their alma mater.

Imagine my journey: a roadside-taught bricklayer whose passion for Civil Engineering sparked during my time at ATU.  With dedication and perseverance, I progressed from a Technician Certificate in Construction Part 1 and 2 to earning a Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering.

This journey led me to become an esteemed Civil, Petroleum and Real Estate Engineer, with an honour of acquiring a PhD in Civil Engineering. Today, I proudly serve as the General Manager of Kodson Plus Company Limited, a leading petroleum haulage and distribution company in Ghana.

Additionally, I hold the CEO position at LIDA Ghana, where I continue to inspire and mentor future engineers. Beyond individual success stories, ATU alumni form a cohesive network bounded by shared experiences and a common commitment to giving back.

This network has served as a reservoir of talent, expertise, and opportunity from the alumni association to industry partnerships. The Alumni body has helped in nurturing the next generation of leaders and innovators through mentorship programmes, career fairs, and philanthropic initiatives.

These collective efforts amplify the ATU brand and contribute to the broader societal impact of technical education.

Investing in excellence

The commitment to excellence extends far beyond graduation, embodying a lifelong dedication to the institution's growth and development. While financial contributions are significant, alumni involvement encompasses a broader spectrum, including investing time, expertise, and efforts in fostering networks to advance academic excellence and industry relevance mission.

Through collaborative research projects, internship opportunities, and faculty exchanges, ATU alumni can facilitate knowledge transfer and skill development by bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Moreover, alumni serve as adjunct lecturers, infusing classrooms with real-world experiences, and offer fresh perspectives to students. Internship programmes, facilitated at alumni workplaces, provide invaluable hands-on experience and industry exposure.

Acting as vital links between academia and industry, alumni contribute insights and guidance to develop relevant academic curricula that align with current industry trends and demands.

These investments, expertise, and efforts enrich the educational experience at ATU and strengthen connections with the professional world, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for the workforce challenges.

The ATU alumni association over the years have spearheaded impactful initiatives like donating laptops, projectors, and others to bolster teaching and learning resources. They have also upheld a tradition of recognizing academic excellence by awarding top graduates and alleviating financial burdens for HND graduates.

These initiatives underscore the enduring commitment of the association towards enhancing the educational experience and fostering a culture of excellence

Engagement and collaboration

The alumni engagement transcends mere nostalgia, encompassing meaningful interaction and collaboration with university initiatives. From alumni events and reunions to mentorship programmes and volunteer activities, alumni find myriad ways to stay connected and contribute to ATU's advancement.

Currently, sustained collaborative efforts between ATU and the alumni has seen the effective operationalisation of an Alumni Relations Office. This has enabled the university to prioritised and maintain a continuous positive relationship with the alumni, providing a structured platform for engagement and collaboration.

One notable success stemming from this collaboration is the alumni's concerted engagement that has ensured a maximum inclusion of ATU graduates in the university's staff population.

This commitment not only demonstrates the impact of the alumni body but also enriches the university community with the experience of its own graduates. Additionally, alumni-driven projects like mentorship programmes, and industry fora organised by alumni have contributed to the academic and professional development of current students while strengthening connections between the university and industry stakeholders.

ATU celebrates its 75th anniversary, and the role of alumni in enhancing the institution's brand cannot be overstated. As stewards of the university’s legacy, the alumni must embody the values of excellence, innovation, and community engagement to enhance the ATU experience and invest in the growth and nurturing of the next generations of leaders and innovators.

Writer is an alumnus of the university

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