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Turkey berries help control diabetes
Turkey berries help control diabetes

Health benefits of turkey berries

Known in Ghana by a variety of names such as ‘abedru’, ‘Kwahu nsusua’, or ‘anona ntroba’ in Fante, this pea-size berry is used for a range of culinary and medicinal applications.


Some medical doctors highly recommend it in meals.

Turkey berries are found in most Ghanaian markets and are also available in the wild and in backyard gardens.

The leaves of the berry plant are similar to that of the eggplants.

 It has thorns and can last for about three years before replanting from seeds may be required.

Here are some benefits of adding turkey berries to your meal:

Treatment of anaemia

Turkey berries contain lots of iron and are good for treating anaemia.

 They stimulate the production of red blood cells.

The berries can be used in soups and consumed daily to increase red blood cells production. 

Treatment of indigestion and diarrhoea

Turkey berries are good for digestion and help to treat indigestion, stomachache and diarrhoea.

The berries are also capable of neutralising acid in the stomach thereby making them important for healing gastric ulcers.

Prevents intestinal worms

Regular intake of the berries can prevent the formation of worms in the intestines.

Dried and powdered berries can be added to gravy.

Treatment of diabetes

The leaves of dried turkey berries milled into powder could be added to the cooked berries to control diabetes.

 They are also used to lower blood sugar.

Prevention and healing of colds and flu

The berries also help in the prevention and healing of colds and flu. 

Protection from cancer

Turkey berries are antibacterial, anti-fungal and stop excessive cell growth making it important in the prevention of cancer.

 Studies show that extracts of Turkey berries can protect against lung cancer.

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