Etiquette of Picking Nose in Public

BY: Mabel Faith Tannor
Nose picking
Nose picking

There are certain things we all do that we find inappropriate to discuss, and nose-picking is one of them.

The worse place to see such behavior is the office, bank halls, hospitals, show rooms and inside “trotro” vehicles.

One of my bad days this week, was seeing a very beautiful lady in her suit picking her nose in front of customers on an early Monday morning in a bank.

Another was a gentle man picking his nose while sealing indomie to his customers.

If is about you scratching your brain, doing a little mining, or pointing at your imagination, picking your nose is not something that the general public should see. Also such behavior is not healthy at all.

What to do when you see someone picking his nose

Approach the person in a very nice manner, reminding him or her about his environment and the message he or she is putting across with such behavior.

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If you have a tissue, you can hand it over to the person in a very nice way. Though some may take offenses when trying to correct them, be nice to tell them the truth.

I'm sure we all know that children are little nose-picking machines. If a kid isn't trying to negotiate TV time, he or she is probably standing somewhere and absentmindedly picking his or her nose.

If you, the parent, freak out about it, you will damage those little feelings. It is appropriate to teach the hygiene and manners of proper nose picking.

Mostly, children have the highest habit of pricking their nose in public, as parents and friends, do not stand ideal for such behavior to become a habit.

Then encourage hand washing. It's never too early to start encouraging mannerly habits. In time you will be able to work in the privacy matter. However, your consistency and transparency will usually rub off on a toddler.

Also, make an effort to set an example for your child by following the same rules. He or she will eventually catch on. Just make sure not to embarrass the child. It's tough enough learning how to be little people.

Teaching and following these simple steps can help keep you and those around you comfortable and healthy.