Abandoned almost 4 years • Stranger dumps daughter on ‘good Samaritan’

BY: Emmanuel Adu-Gyamerah

WHEN 27-YEAR-OLD Dora Danquah from Kojo Bofuor, near Yeji in the Bono East Region decided to host a female stranger with a baby and a girl on Tuesday, August 13, 2018, little did she anticipate that her guest had the motive to dump the girl.

The stranger, whom she identified only as Gloria, was breastfeeding the baby.

Now, Ms Danquah has been compelled to become the mother of the girl after Gloria ran away and left her behind the following day.

"When I met her on that fateful day, she told me she was on her way to Kumasi from Chereponi but wanted me to host her because it was getting dark," Ms Danquah said.

She explained that because Gloria said she was a Konkomba, she suggested she went to some of her tribesmen who were staying not far from her home.

"But she insisted that she wanted me to find her a place to sleep so that she could continue her journey the next day and I granted her plea," she added.

Ms Danquah added that the next morning when Gloria was ready to continue her journey, she informed her that she did not have enough money on her.

The guest, therefore, left her five-year-old daughter with her on the pretext of withdrawing money from a nearby bank.

"I have since waited and waited for Gloria to come for her daughter but she has not returned," Ms Danquah said, adding that a mobile number she provided had not worked.

Social Welfare
Ms Danquah said even though she had reported the matter to the Social Welfare Department at Yeji, "I have always been asked 'to go and come' anytime I go to that office".

She stated that in her quest to find Gloria, she had also visited some media houses in Kumasi but had not been successful.

"When I visited Chereponi where Gloria claimed she hailed from about two years ago, I was taken to the Dagomba chief's palace but a search for the family of Gloria proved futile."

For almost five years now, therefore, Ms Danquah has assumed the responsibility of taking care of Gloria's daughter.

"I have now named the young girl Spendilove Danquah after my attempt to find her mother proved unsuccessful and she is now in primary two," she said.

"While I hope to locate Gloria one day, I will continue to treat Spendilove as my daughter and I am optimistic that she will grow up to become useful to the society," she added.

 Ms Danquah has been compelled to become the mother of the girl after Gloria ran away

Ms Danquah, who is single and currently a mobile money vendor, told The Mirror that it was her ambition to join any of the security agencies.

She pleaded with people who knew where Gloria was to assist her to locate her.

She described Gloria as a slim and tall lady and dark in complexion.