Schoolchildren share their resolutions for the new year

BY: Priscilla Asantewaa Obeng
Schoolchildren share their New Year Resolutions

It's the beginning of a new year and children share their New Year resolutions.


Cindy Solidad Shiloh Ayim, 15 years

Tantua International School, Dansoman

I have a lot of plans for this academic year since I am in my final year.

One of my plans for the year is to attain all ones in the upcoming Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

Another is to become the best student in my class. At home, I also want to educate a lot of people who fail to adhere to the safety protocols about how serious COVID-19 is.

I want people in my community to know that the new variant that has come does not show any symptoms but can kill if care is not taken.

For my spiritual life, I want to win more souls for Christ. I know with hard work and determination, I will achieve my goals for this year.

Gifty Incoom, Nine years
Nsaba Presby Primary School, Agona Nsaba

I hope to study hard so that I will be promoted to the next class.

I also want to adhere to all the safety protocols against COVID-19 to stay safe for myself and my friends and prevent the spread of the virus.

Marvin Ocran, 14 years

Ebenezer Senior High School, Dansoman

I hope that I will be able to do everything that I was not able to do last year.

Last year due to the COVID-19, I could not study seriously as I was supposed to, so I will put in much effort in order to catch up with my mates.

I also want to draw closer to God this year by reading the Bible and praying every day so that I can develop my spiritual life.

Roselyn Boi-Graham, 14 years
Meadow Preparatory School, Darkuman

My dream is to attend Achimota Senior High School; therefore, I want to study hard and pass the BECE with flying colours.

I also want to visit my friends whom I haven’t seen in a long while and I hope to do that when the COVID-19 cases go down.

I also want to go on evangelism to win more souls for Christ this year.

Daniel Mensah, 14 years
Meadow Preparatory School, Darkuman

My dream is to become a doctor  in future and I know it  comes with hard work, so I am preparing for it by studying  hard to pass the BECE  so I can get the school of my choice.

I believe this is a first step for me to achieve my dreams.

I was learning how to play piano but I stopped due to COVID-19.

I hope the cases of infected people go down so I can continue with the piano lessons. I also want to continue with group discussions which I started with my friends at home.  

Bernard Ocran, 17 years
Odorkor 7 Basic School, Odorkor

Although  I was a very good boy at home, I didn’t study hard so I was not able to perform well in my examinations.

I hope to improve on my grades and also do my chores quickly to avoid delays.  I want to go to church regularly and on time, pray and read my Bible every day.

This will help me build my spiritual life.   

Calesca Ademah, 10 years
Tantua International School, Dansoman

I want to come first this year in my class.

I also want to improve on my cookings skills so that I can cook tasty meals.