His Majesty King Mohammed VI
His Majesty King Mohammed VI

Morocco marks 66th Anniversary of Royal Armed Forces

The King of Morocco, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of Royal Armed Forces (FAR) has commended officers, non-commissioned officers and privates on the occasion of its 66th anniversary.

King Mohammed VI in a statement praised the FAR for their dedicated service to the Kingdom and international role.


We want to express to you, all components of the Royal Armed Forces, land, air, naval and the Royal Gendarmerie, “Our feelings of sympathy and satisfaction, for your noble deeds and immense sacrifices made in order to raise the colors of the Homeland and to defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity”.

He said the commemoration of the anniversary was so dear to their national memory, a symbol of the values of cohesion, sacrifice and self-denial, “from which Our Royal Armed Forces and the entire Moroccan People derive, today, the foundations of their resilience and their determination to face all the desperate attempts to undermine Our territorial integrity and Our solid national constant values”.

According to the King, the positive results of their valuable achievements during the past year make them proud of their availability, discipline and spirit of dedication to the service of the Homeland.

“We salute Our soldiers deployed in Our Southern and Eastern provinces, or those in charge of guarding our land, air and sea borders, with vigilance and firmness, proud of what you do to preserve the unity of the Homeland and the security of citizens.

“Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates, our deep conviction in the importance of the noble missions that you accomplish on the security and military levels, and the experiences and achievements that you have accumulated in the field of risk and crisis management make us aware of the correctness of the approach that we have adopted for the development of Our Royal Armed Forces in terms of structure and organization, as well as Our concern to provide a permanent support and accompaniment, with the same will and determination, so that you can reach a higher level of professionalism and be able to take up all the challenges, particularly in this delicate international situation, with its military, security and economic incidences”.

We salute the efficiency of the human element of Our Royal Armed Forces, men and women, and its continuous evolution that reflects the quality of our military training, which we are always working to upgrade and improve, both theoretically and practically, in order to guarantee you the acquisition, in a continuous and productive manner, of all the necessary knowledge and expertise that qualify you to carry out your multiple tasks under the best conditions.

King Mohammed VI further announced the establishment of a supreme military commission in charge of examining the project of creating a statute for non-commissioned officers, which defines the legal and organizational framework, as well as the management of the career path, according to a modern and global vision for this category, considered as one of the pillars of Our Royal Armed Forces.

Additionally, as an expression of the great concern, the families of the martyrs and the wards of the Nation, who have made enormous sacrifices in defense of the Homeland and its territorial integrity, will benefit from housing in the cities of the Kingdom, free of charge and at no additional cost, in order to guarantee them and their families a decent standard of living.

In order to preserve the achievements of this national experience, it is necessary to continue to support it through the development of programs, the modernization of infrastructures, and the provision of material and human means for its success, so that our young people who joined the FAR can serve with loyalty and enthusiasm, their Homeland.

Officers, non-commissioned officers and privates, in order to strengthen the defense capabilities of Our Army, We will continue to give priority to the plan of equipping and upgrading the Royal Armed Forces, according to integrated programs, based in particular on the establishment of military industries and the development of scientific research, through the conclusion of a series of partnerships and agreements with research centers and Moroccan universities for the implementation of projects with high technical value, the objective being to develop the self-equipment of our Armed Forces in various fields.

He added that “We have advocated the strengthening of cooperation between Our Royal Armed Forces and their counterparts in brotherly and friendly countries, a choice that has yielded commendable results and contributed to the consolidation of the influence of Our Army and its international presence, thus strengthening your credibility and enriching your knowledge base in the service of the enshrining of the values of peace and security, in which we all believe, and which should prevail between Nations and Peoples”.

He stated that there will be creation of a multidisciplinary Moroccan Peacekeeping Center whose mission will be to train and support national and foreign skills, particularly on the African continent, in partnership with the United Nations and certain friendly countries, in order to promote the principles of international security and peace.

He reiterated their deep satisfaction and gratitude to the members of the Royal Gendarmerie, the National Police, the Auxiliary Forces, the Civil Protection and the Territorial Administration, for what they do, day and night, to ensure the tranquility of the citizens and the protection of their interests, as well as for their constant efforts to preserve the security and ensure the safety of the country, with discipline, perseverance and loyalty.

He said every year, they remember, this day, with reverence and consideration, the noble deeds of the two late Kings, Our August grandfather, His Majesty King Mohammed V and Our venerated father, His Majesty King Hassan II, in favor of the Armed Forces.

He urged them to preserve this path that they have traced for them, faithful to the oath of the Green March and defending the unity and sacredness of the Homeland, mobilized behind the Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces.

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