Wa flogging: No guilty hands? Asks Yaw Nsarkoh

BY: Yaw Nsarkoh

Regrettably, nothing has been done to the Wa Na for the public flogging of young adults. It was another Ghanaian moment. Extrajudicial. Most likely criminal. Barbaric. Primitive. Unfeeling. Inhumane. Disastrous.

The media made some perfunctory noises and promptly moved on. Civil Society barked feebly and rolled on to the next issue. Box ticked.

The National and Regional House of Chiefs maintained an inglorious silence over the matter. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil.

Nana Kwasi Gyan-Appenteng gave me a contact right at the top of the police hierarchy. I wrote. No reply.

The Incompetent State again lies passive, dormant and defeated in the face of possibly criminal conduct by another traditional leader. Eyes off, ears off, hands off, everything off.

Our young activists are only concerned about elite contests for power? And who should win or lose an election in 2024? Not what society we should live in in the long term?

What happened to the young people caught having consensual sex was extrajudicial and wrong. To have them flogged in public, while recording it, was Neanderthal! Yet this is 2022.

The bourgeoisie displays tremendous class solidarity in the face of injustice. The young people flogged were not students of an elite school. Their parents do not belong to any year group of an elite school. They are not met drinking champagne with the bourgeoisie at Business class and First class lounges.

In summary, who cares? Nobody knows their names. The flogged youth are invisible. This country, this society, will get what is coming to it.

Yaw Nsarkoh is the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Unilever Ghana and Nigeria.