Employing tools of philosophy and value addition for sustainable development

“The nearer a man comes to a Calm Mind, the closer he is to Strength’’ - Marcus Aurelius 

It is all over, you can feel it in market, shops, offices, the streets, even schools and residential areas, the awful loud sound levels of everyday life.

Music energizes Ghanaians to action and inspires us to work. 

It is the reason the barber at the corner fixes a sound system not only to draw attention but also to give life and publicity to his business.

However, there are neurological health hazard concerns we do not often pay attention to.  

Elsewhere in the world, sound levels are controlled and everyone values and respects that as the best for the society.  

This is the beauty of diversity. It offers variety of ideas for us to learn from and to improve on systems and make life and community better.  

At this stage in our development it is important for us to realize that what you do for yourself counts far more than all that others have done or can do for you.

Self-Discipline is the most important feature in any life. Until we put ourselves under mental discipline and have a growth mind-set, we will never develop in us the forces that are valuable to the commercial world.  

It is time to say good bye to loud noise and welcome the added value of quiet and serene life.

Serenity is the vibrating force of positive energy that unleashes inner creative potential.

We must see the value of parks and gardens and the quality life addition it has on thought process, arts and creativity, mental health and social development and sanity. 

The confusion of excessive noise puts enormous stress on you, as sometimes you could hardly hear, receive or make a needed phone call even from your room.  

Research shows that attention we give to detail accounts more than the noise we make about it. 

This means we can still draw attention to our businesses and derive inspirations from our music and sounds without making noise.

It is time we built a sane and serene society where calmness is our strength.

Sustainable life is all about sanity and serenity, this is the way to go.

Everyone will like to live in a quiet and serene environment. This is basically what life gave us and going for it is what sustainability is about.

We cannot remain in the tradition of excessive noise and call it culture. Culture is dynamic and until our cultures line up with sustainability there is no development.

As a society we have to take philosophy serious. Philosophy is the womb of thought process, critical thinking and ideas and principles.

Values are important without it, systems are bound to fail, and when it is nurtured from the cradle it is even more natural and beautiful. 

Philosophy indeed has much to contribute to shift in attitude and culture than we have considered it in the trajectory of nation building.

Every stage of our education, right from kindergarten Ghanaian child should have the benefit of learning philosophy; this will shape the thinking process. 

City and community planning designs should include parks and gardens.

This will enhance the eco system and promote environmental sustainability.  

After all saving our planet is the thing to do! It is awkward that the state after providing dustbins to the corners of our streets and home, it is required also to set out extra funds to educate and sensitize the public to use the bins. 

Another concerning issue is the fact that dangerous roads are preferred against overhead bridges put up for pedestrian safety!

Seriously, these are signs of subculture issues we are not paying attention to. 

A visit to our public cemeteries show sight of weeds and bushes, and one has to walk on tombs and graves to touch base in total disrespect to the memory of dead.

Elsewhere resting place of departed souls befits the status of a resting place! 

How can the dead rest in peace if the path way to their resting place is walking over their graves?

Our public mortuaries are not any different. The stench one has to endure can be felt from a distance! 

This is not the best value we can be proud of. Development is not about complex engineering and huge structures but simple value addition to life that will make people happy and comfortable to enjoy their country. 

Amazing serenity and beautiful eco systems we see elsewhere are driven by values and ethics. Simple respect for the environment and patient care even for animals are things we can learn from. It is uncommon to see a fowl or sheep dangerously hit on the road with vehicles running over in indecent show of insensitivity. 

Interestingly, these are delicacies we serve on our menu. This should prick our conscience and cause us to respect and protect animals.  

It must be emphasized the respect and value we demonstrate towards the peace and safety of life serve us in same measure. 

This is what development means. When a tourist leaves behind a wallet and returns back to find it. Again, when you lose your phone set and sure to find it this is what development means.

Until we place value at the center of systems and leverage on same, development means nothing.

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