Arise for Ghana: Rising above darkness in true patriotism

Ghana, our beloved nation, stands at a crossroads.

The winds of change beckon and the clarion call for true patriots to rise and steer our nation toward a brighter future has never been louder.


Through the "Arise for Ghana" series, I endeavour to awaken the spirit of patriotism that lies dormant in the hearts of many Ghanaians.

Call to arise

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) anthem begins with the words "Arise for Ghana," a call to all patriots of our land.

This anthem is not just a song; it is a testament to our party's unwavering commitment to Ghana.

It is a reminder that the NDC was formed with the sole purpose of raising patriots who love this country and put her first.

We were the first major party in the Fourth Republic, formed on June 10, 1992, ahead of the NPP.

Our anthem and our history bear witness to our genuine love for Ghana.

In these trying times, as darkness threatens to overshadow our nation, the NDC must stand as a beacon of hope.

We, as true patriots, must rise to the occasion.

Our series, "Arise for Ghana," is a clarion call that resonates beyond the confines of party lines.

It seeks to engage not just our loyal NDC members, but every Ghanaian, including those from the NPP.

It is a call to recognise the magnitude of the challenges we face as a nation and to understand that these are not ordinary times.

Our nation is at a crossroads, and the path we choose now will determine our future.

The current state of our nation demands a new kind of leadership – a leadership that genuinely cares about the well-being of its people.

We are in an era where many of our youth are disillusioned with the political establishment.

This disillusionment stems from broken promises and a brand of politics that seems more concerned with power for its own sake rather than the welfare of the nation.

It's a politics that often forgets the future of our children and the legacy we leave behind.

The NDC envisions a different path.

We aim to elevate the political discourse and practice to a level where it's not just about the convenient acquisition of power.

We seek a politics where leaders are trustworthy, and where they can be relied upon to prioritise the wellbeing and interests of Ghanaians above all else.

This is the essence of true patriotism, and this is what essentially the NDC stands for
Understanding our essence

The NDC's roots trace back to a time when our nation was engulfed in darkness.


Born out of the fires of revolution, our party emerged as a force against decay and canker.

The June 4th uprising and the 31st December revolution are testaments to our commitment to change and progress.

Our party's primary concern is the nation's well-being.

We have always endeavoured to be true patriots, always putting Ghana first.


We acknowledge our imperfections, but our dedication to the nation has always remained unwavering.

Our journey began long before the formal establishment of the NDC in 1992.

The tumultuous period of the mid to late '70s was a time of great unrest and uncertainty.

The nation was crying out for change, for a beacon of hope to guide it out of the engulfing darkness.


It was during these trying times that a man, filled with zeal and determination, decided that enough was enough.

This burning desire for change led to the historic events of June 4, 1979, and subsequently, the 31st December revolution.

These events are not just dates in a history book; they are the very essence of who we are and where we come from.

Our party's foundation is built on the principle of always putting the nation first.

It's a principle that demands that we, as individuals, families, and communities, always strive to do what's right for the greater good.

This ethos sets us apart from others.

While some parties may claim to have the nation's best interests at heart, their actions often tell a different story.

In reflecting upon our past, we recognise areas where we could have excelled further.

However, the NDC has always, whether in or out of government, demonstrated an unwavering and sincere commitment to the nation's welfare.

We are not just another political party.

We are a movement, a collective of individuals who genuinely care about our country.

We prioritise national interest.

This is not mere rhetoric; it's a commitment that has been demonstrated time and again throughout our history.

Our dedication to the nation is what makes us unique, and it's what sets us apart from our counterparts.

It's essential to understand that our commitment to the nation is not born out of a sense of duty alone.

It's born out of love.

Love for our country, love for our people, and love for the ideals that Ghana represents.

This love drives us to always seek what's best for our nation, even if it means acknowledging past mistakes and striving to do better. 

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