Valentine’s Day: What’s the riskiest thing you’ll do for your partner?

BY: Charles Andoh & Yaw Obuobisa Newman
Valentine is a season of love
Valentine is a season of love

Love is all about sacrifices—giving up something precious in order to gain or maintain something such as a valuable relationship or some other worthy cause; thus sacrificing for your lover and protecting them from any harm whatsoever.

Looking at the situation we find ourselves in now, the riskiest thing to do for my partner is to sacrifice my time, stand firm and be more of an ambassador to give more education by reminding him of the need to observe all the Coronavirus (COVID-19) safety protocols to stay alive for me.

I can only do this if I’m able to protect myself well by keeping fit physically through regular exercises and eating well, as well as observing the protocols strictly.

Matthew 22:39 indicates that the second of the two greatest commandments is to ‘love your neighbour as yourself.’

Mrs Sheila Dewodo Fening
Professional Counselor, Akuse


Vincent Ati Walker
Diagnostic Radiographer, Accra
The riskiest thing I would ever do for my partner for the sake of love is to buy her a gift which she knows I cannot afford.

False impression in a relationship is a standard or level one will find difficult to maintain.

When you create such an impression in your relationship and fail to maintain it subsequently, your partner may think you don’t love and care about him or her again, and this can lead to a break-up.

If this impression had not been created in the first place, your partner would have known and understood the kind of person you are and love you as you are.

But on the whole, I’ll never buy a gift which I cannot afford for my partner all in the name of love.

Prince Ossei Owusu
Youth MP Bekwai Constituency, A/R
This is a month of love and we should show affection to our loved ones. We celebrate this sensational moment every year.

I will treat my loved ones with all the attention and care they need.

I don’t need to wait for Valentine’s day to show my love and affection to loved ones; I do it every day of the year.

It is difficult for me to think of the riskiest thing to do for the sake of love because I cannot spend the last pesewa on me on my lover just to prove that I love her since I don’t want to remain broke.

William Afful Twum
Student, University of Cape Coast
I can empty my bank account to get something that will really make my partner happy.

In this case, if she tells me that she needs a particular thing, I am ready to go that length to get it for her, even if that will leave me with nothing in the end.

Enoch Boison
Gym Assistant, Accra
The riskiest thing I’ll do is to intentionally let my mother call my partner that I’ve been poisoned and have been admitted to the hospital.

This will let me know whether she’ll come over or not, and I’ll be able to tell how much my woman loves me.

Daniel Addy
Accountant, Accra
My wife is actually not a fan of Vals Day, but the riskiest thing I can ever do is not to love her, which might be difficult for me to do.


Ishmael Kwao
Student, Somanya
February is a month of love which reminds us of how St Valentine used to write love letters to his lover even in prison.

This singular action touched the heart of many people across the world, hence the decision to celebrate this legend.

So on Vals Day, everyone wishes to do something extraordinary to stir up their relationship.

On occasions like these, people give their all to their lovers and partners, including writing a blank cheque or giving out their ATM card pin to their lovers.

For me, one risk I’d like to take for my partner for the sake of love will be leaving everyone behind to elope with her — get a nice place to have a good time together.

David Osei Bonsu

This day to me is not different from any other day.

As individuals, we have branded Vals Day as a day to express a profound level of affection towards our lovers, but to some extent it has been abused.

I believe like Christmas or Ramadan, the day should be used to show Godly love to the less privileged in society, including our families and friends.

On Valentine’s Day, people tend to do the extreme to show love to the extent that these surprises become too risky and the ramification is that the relationship doesn’t work; it becomes too dire.

For me, I doubt if I’ll be that outrageous in my expression of love towards those I love.

In these times, I can only take my partner out to buy something nice for her and return her home safely.