Do we still need Valentine?

BY: Dr John Boakye
Send gifts you can afford because gifts are the commonest expression of love
Send gifts you can afford because gifts are the commonest expression of love

The origin of Valentine is shrouded in mystery but most people are celebrating it.

Valentine is very popular, second only to Christmas.

All over the world, millions of cards, messages and gifts will be exchanged.

However, in Ghana, the hype appears to go down.

The shops appear empty and so is the rush to buy toys, chocolate, cards and other gift items.

Valentine appears to be dying.

Why Valentine is dying
Money is one big reason. With COVID-19 infection, low productivity and the rising cost of living, many are cutting down non-essentials and socialisation to keep healthy and their heads above water. They send text messages instead of cards.

Many prefer to spend it quietly at home.

Fortunately, with advances in technology such as computer, internet and phones, we can do almost everything we do face to face.

Today, no festival is abused more than Valentine because many have a poor understanding of love.

Many have the myth that sex is the surest expression of love.

We hear of free sex on Valentine's Day and this includes children in the primary schools.

On Valentine's Day, ‘hook up ‘is common.

This is sexual activity between partners who hardly know each other and expect nothing from each other a day after.

Many young people get trapped into promiscuous life which gives rise to abortion, unwanted pregnancies and HIV infections.

Some have ruined their future with few moments of fun.

Some celebrate Valentine with substance abuse, indecent dressing and profane songs.

They lose their inhibitions and flout authority.

Today, Ghana is said to be second in substance abuse among the youth in Africa

Some partners make unrealistic demands as proof of love.

Many girls and women expect expensive gifts such as the latest mobile phones, dresses and even cars.

Many have stopped celebrating Valentine in protest of the abuses during the celebration.

What to do
Start with yourself: Valentine is about love.

You must love yourself before you can love others or others can love you.

Look at the positive side of your life and be content with how far your Maker has brought you.

Dress well possibly in red to signify you are prepared to make sacrifices that bring development to yourself and others.

Always remember that you do not have to be in marriage or a relationship to celebrate Valentine

Be kind: Words have tremendous power on you and your relationship.

Send words of affirmation, appreciation and gratitude to thank your lover for everything no matter how small they may be.

Send gifts you can afford because gifts are the commonest expression of love.

Your kindness makes your lover feel loved, cherished and wanted. He or she is then motivated to do more for you.

Anything you do to make your lover happy is a gift but the best gift is your commitment to do all you can to nurture your relationship.

Make that move: If you are single, this is an opportune time to propose to someone you love.

If you have a “POP” mouth send a card which expresses exactly what is on your mind.

If you are a woman be bold and take your chance.

It is better to try and fail than to live in regret.

If you are married, rededicate yourself to building a strong and happy family.

With commitment, hard work, effective communication and prayer you can always put life into your marriage.

If it takes only one partner to make your marriage work let it be you.

Forgive unconditionally: Accept that conflicts are part of all relationships and that no matter how much you love each other you will fight.

Do not worry how often you fight or what you fight over.

Only commit yourself to forgive unconditionally and deep from your heart.

Whenever you forgive, you heal yourself and receive your Maker’s blessing.

Do we still need Valentine?
Appreciate, however, that God who is love made us in our image.

Love is the substance of our being.

We, therefore, love and without love, we lose our humanity and will be incapable of showing and receiving love.

Celebration of Valentine is, therefore, a celebration of life and love as we make sacrifices to make our marriages, family, church and society better.

Join in the celebration but do it St Valentine's way: feel good about yourself because you are a child of God made in His image; give gifts often without waiting for special occasions and commit yourself to building a strong and fulfilling marriage, family, church and society.

Celebrate Valentine each day because it is a celebration of the gift of love from God.

In your godly deeds to others celebrate yourself, humanity and God Himself.

We still need Valentine because we have to celebrate our humanity.

When we keep celebrating Valentine we remind ourselves of our Maker’s gift of life and our responsibility to be each other’s keeper.

Valentine must, therefore, not die.

We must join the celebration but remind ourselves that anything that does not uphold human dignity is not Valentine.

Let your words and actions be godly.

Happy valentine.

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