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GH movie industry needs unity to grow –Actor Ken Fiati
Actor Ken Fiati

GH movie industry needs unity to grow –Actor Ken Fiati

ALTHOUGH the Ghanaian film industry is grappling with challenges, actor Ken Fiati believes the game changer to propel it to higher grounds is for both established veterans and emerging talents to join forces and work together.


The actor who has also directed numerous productions believes the industry possesses immense growth potential but currently lacks the necessary synergy to propel it forward effectively.

Fiati is the director for the upcoming In the Chest of A Woman, by the late playwright Efo Kodjo Mawugbe, which shows at the National Theatre, Accra, on May 3 and 4, 2024.

In a sit-down conversation with Graphic Showbiz on Monday, April 14, he suggested a unified approach where experienced actors mentor and support newbies and similarly make way for constructive contributions from the younger ones as essential for the industry to reach greater heights.

According to the Aloe Vera star, the country’s movie industry is faced with funding constraints, distribution challenges and the need for greater recognition on the global stage. However, he believes it is about time stakeholders united and collaborated to unlock its full potential.

 “If we can have the type of chemistry and synergy that we currently have on the set of In The Chest of A Woman, it will help with industry growth.

“We have people such as Akofa Edjeani and Edinam Atatsi on set and they are willing to share what they know with the younger ones and give them lifehacks on the profession. The younger ones are also telling them how things are done in this day and age,” he said.

He, however, stressed that collaboration is not just about working together on individual projects but also about sharing knowledge, resources and opportunities.

When asked if he sees brighter days ahead for the Ghanaian movie industry, Fiati expressed optimism and noted the potential of the new crop of actors once the older generation fades away.

He expressed confidence in the up-and-coming talents who he describes as very enthusiastic and possess the skills to make a significant impact once the torch is passed from the older generation to them.

 “I think I can confidently say we have the best crop of actors that anyone can ever put together. We have actors who come ready to play, actors who, even when their colleagues are not around, still rehearse. I mean, actors who you don't know if they have learnt your lines and so it always keeps you on your toes because if you slack, there is always someone to outdo your role.

“The new crop of actors are wrapping up well with the old school and trying to prove a point. We need to tell the veterans that when they are not there, the fire that they have lit can still go on burning brightly,” he added.



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