Akosua Adjepong should shut up with her fabricated stories about GHAMRO -	Rex Omar
Rex Omar is not happy about Akosua's utterances

Akosua Adjepong should shut up with her fabricated stories about GHAMRO - Rex Omar

Veteran Highlife musician, Rex Omar has asked Akosua Adjepong should shut up about her fabricated stories about the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO).

Rex Omar who is the Chairman of the interim management committee of the Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO) made the remarks in a comment on Facebook following allegations by Akosua Agyapong that the leadership of GHAMRO left the late Kwadwo Akwaboah to his fate when he needed financial assistance to pay for his medical bills.

Speaking on Adom FM earlier, Akosua explained that prior to Kwadwo Akwaboah’s death, he had called her about three months ago and lamented about how one Abraham Adjetey of GHAMRO sent him a paltry GHC250 for medical bills.

She believed that the gesture was quite condemnable and didn’t mince words calling out the leadership of GHAMRO headed by their Rex Omar for their abysmal performance in a recent interview with Adom FM.

However, in a Facebook comment on Saturday, May 20 describing Akosua Adjepong as the biggest liar, Rex Omar said he was at a loss at to why the latter was only talking about the deceased’s alleged plight after his death.

“Akosua is the biggest liar! So why didn't she speak about it till now that the man is dead? We have no such records in our welfare books. Kwadwo was a very proud man and will never say any such thing to anyone.

“During his entire years of sickness, it’s only once he ever asked for assistance from Ghamro and when he did, Ghamro welfare led took him to the hospital in their vehicle to meet his doctor and there was no money paid to Kwadwo himself but to the hospital. Records are there to prove this, Kwadwo is dead so now all of a sudden Akosua has become his spokesperson? She should shut up with her fabricated stories and allow the man rest in peace! (sic),” reads Rex Omar's comments.

Akosua Adjepong’s submissions on Adom FM last week which went viral video has re-ignited criticisms of GHAMRO performance with particular reference to the inequitable distribution of royalties to its members.

Although GHAMRO is a collective management organisation (CMO) and not a welfare group, it is mandated by its constitution to allocate 10% of monies received as royalties to cater for the welfare of musicians.

Rex Omar has been heavily criticised in the past for not handling GHAMRO well as a leader. 

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