VVICE gushes over Ajo

BY: Forgive Adjoa Forfoe

Whoever Ajo is to upcoming Afro pop artiste, VVICE, then she must be something special as he cannot stop praising her on his new single of the same name.

On the track, which features hiplife grandpapa, Reggie Rockstone, VVICE gushes about his partner’s qualities and how she stands tall among her peers.

Satisfied with the qualities of his partner, VVICE boasts of how his woman stands tall among her peers and knows her place as well.

On the 3:22 minutes afro pop piece, VVICE raises the question of cheating and says that if most women “rock” their partners as Ajo does, there would be no need for men to cheat.

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For one who reveres Reggie Rockstone and hopes to follow his path in music, it’s not surprising the effort he put in his works and Ajo is evidence of that.

The song is a blend of English and Twi languages and it’s a beat that will get “boys boys” to flow with because of its attractive hook.

However, the song needed an experience touch and Reggie Rockstone was on hand to deliver it. With his rap skills that has not been in doubt for over two decades, the Plan B3n rapper praises the “bottom power” of his woman.

As a lyricist, Reggie’s tradition of coining words was prominent on Ajo, released a fortnight ago.

“I’m really happy to have my mentor featured on my song. It shows that I’m doing something right. I will ride on the experience in future projects.

''Ghanaians have not really caught afro pop fever. Most of our artistes are rappers, and we are selling very well with rap and dancehall, but not afro pop. I won't say I’m doing something different with my music. I want patrons of my music to be the judge,” he stated.

VVICE, real name, Ransford Allotey, had to defer his course at the Chartered Institute of Banking to have full concentration on music. The graduate of Marshalls University, who has been endorsed by Reggie Rockstone, admits that although it wasn’t an easy decision to take, he had to make some sacrifices to boost his music career.