Brazil 2014: Ghana's jersey ranked the best

BY: Graphic.com.gh

Ghana’s jerseys for the 2014 World Cup has been ranked the best kit among the thirty-two countries participating in this year’s tournament.

The ranking which was published on buzzfeed.com described the jersey as having originality due to the unique design around the collar as well as the sleeve cuffs inspired by the Kente cloth design.

On Patriotism, buzzfeed.com described the jerseys traditional watermarking which incorporates the stars as brilliant.

Ghana’s jerseys were designed by Puma and it is characterized by multicolored patterns of bright colors and geometric shapes.

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France’s and America’s Nike designed jerseys were ranked second and third respectively while Belgium’s Burrda designed jerseys were ranked last. 

Below is buzzfeed.com’s ranking of the 32 teams

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32. Belgium


Style: 1/10. Belgium are young and exciting but will have to play out of their skins to win the World Cup. Maybe they should play out of their shirts too.

Originality: 3/10. The crown is unique, but it’s also extremely tacky.

Patriotism: 4/10. So generic. The sort of shirts your school team wore for seven years because it couldn’t afford new ones.

Score: 8/30

31. Mexico


Style: 1. The jagged lines might confuse the opposition, but the fashion critics aren’t fooled.

Originality: 5. There’s original and then there’s being different for the sake of it. This is the latter.

Patriotism: 3. Doesn’t say much about Mexico’s great culture, and isn’t that traditional either.

Score: 9/30

30. Honduras


Style: 2. They look a bit like those baggy t-shirts mum made you wear when you were a kid.

Originality: 1. Plain. So, so plain.

Patriotism: 6. While the massive H on the chest isn’t exactly stylish, it does at least show that the Honduras are proud of their nation, and proud to be at another World Cup.

Score: 9/30

29. Spain


Style: 4. The fading yellow stripe across the away kit is an issue, and in terms of the home shirt, you expect better from the world champions.

Originality: 3. Could easily be for a Sunday league team (barring the World Cup winners’ star or course).

Patriotism: 3. Where’s the blue gone?!

Score: 10/30

28. Ecuador



Style: 2. It’s all a bit ’90s, isn’t it? When it comes to soccer kits, that’s rarely a good thing.

Originality: 4. The design on the shoulders gives it something a bit different.

Patriotism: 4. All three of Ecuador’s main colors just creep onto the home shirt (look as the trim on the sides!)

Score: 10/30

27. Bosnia and Herzegovina



Style: 2. Seriously, how long are those sleeves?!

Originality: 3. The little stripes on the sleeves are okay, but these are pretty plain otherwise.

Patriotism: 6. The crest has a silhouette of the countries on, which is a nice little bonus.

Score: 11/30

26. Australia



Style: 4. The triangle under the collar isn’t great, and the kits as a whole look like they’ve been pulled out of the draw from a few years ago.

Originality: 3. Shouldn’t Aussies play in upside down kits anyway? Now that would be original.

Patriotism: 5. Green and gold — check. Navy — huh?!

Score: 12/30

25. Costa Rica



Style: 4. Is that a bird with a really long neck flying across the shirt? Cannot unsee.

Originality: 5. It has a mutant bird on it.

Patriotism: 3. Unfortunately for Costa Rica, the stork is not their national bird.

Score: 12/30

24. Greece



Style: 6. Greece have gone for the simple yet classy look, but the tiny collar lets the side down.

Originality: 2. I mean, it’s hardly out there, is it?

Patriotism: 4. Post-match plate smashing would rocket this score up.

Score: 12/30

23. South Korea



Style: 4. The away kit definitely beats the home one, which looks more like a training top than something for the world’s biggest stage.

Originality: 5. Mostly for the red and blue stripes on the shoulders. We like.

Patriotism: 4. Could have made use of the excellent South Korean flag.

Score: 13/30

22. Italy



Style: 3. The Italians are supposed to be a fashionable nation, but the panels on the shoulders of the home shirt and the odd collar suggest otherwise.

Originality: 3. The pinstriped away kit is quirky, but is ruined by the trim on the sides.

Patriotism: 7. The classic azurri blue is there, along with occasional glimpses of the Italian flag. These strips’ saving grace.

Score: 13/30

21. Nigeria



Style: 4. We didn’t realize Ireland had made the World Cup? Oh, this is Nigeria. The away shirt is a good one though.

Originality: 5. Two-tone green on pinstripes on the home kit give this a little something.

Patriotism: 4. Nicknamed the Super Eagles, Nigeria could have played up to that and created a truly awesome kit. But they didn’t.

Score: 13/30

20. Uruguay



Style: 6. So tight it looks like the players might not be able to breathe.

Originality: 3. Uh, there’s some gold on it, I guess?

Patriotism: 5. The sun rays coming out of the crest are a nice touch, but very understated — where’s the PRIDE?!

Score: 14/30

19. Algeria



Style: 6. Unlike some of the other African nations, Algeria have played it pretty safe.

Originality: 4. Like a lot of the Puma kits this summer, they look good, they’re just a bit dull.

Patriotism: 5. The flag makes some form of appearance on the chest, so bonus points for that.

Score: 15/30

18. Germany



Style: 6. The away kit appears to have come straight out of a Dennis the Menace comic. The home shirt is a belter though.

Originality: 7. The only side inspired by a cartoon character at this year’s tournament. What is the world coming to?

Patriotism: 2. Not a lot. It’s a good job those Germans can play…

Score: 15/30

17. Iran



Style: 2. Lots that is ugly about these.

Originality: 5. The watermark earns points, but the away strip is very Portugal, isn’t it?

Patriotism: 9. That animal on the front is the Asiatic cheetah, and it is on there to raise awareness of its dwindling numbers in Iran. We love it!

Score: 16/30

16. Colombia



Style: 5. The diagonal slashes on the home strip are neither sensational nor awful. A good shade of yellow.

Originality: 6. Brazil will always be owners of the definitive yellow shirt.

Patriotism: 5. Nothing screams Colombia from these kits, not even the logo.

Score: 16/30

15. Ivory Coast



Style: 7. The shapes are really nice, even if on the whole these kits are pretty plain. Strong colors help make up for that, though.

Originality: 4. Coulda jazzed it up a bit.

Patriotism: 5. The elephant on the badge is a big plus, but it’s all you really get from from these strips.

Score: 16/30

14. Chile



Style: 5. The lines down the sides look a bit like an overambitious plastic surgeon has been plotting a makeover.

Originality: 5. Nothing particularly striking but these kits do have a bit of an edge.

Patriotism: 7. All three of the Chile’s main colors appear on each shirt. This is what we like to see.

Score: 17/30

13. Russia



Style: 5. The two-tone red on the home kit is strong, though we’re unsure on the seemingly ice-inspired away effort.

Originality: 8. The graphic on the red shirt and the twist on stripes on the white one mean these kits do stand out.

Patriotism: 4. Seem to suggest that Russia is defined by ice and snow. Not enough blue on the home shirt.

Score: 17/30

12. Argentina



Style: 5. The home shirt isn’t quite up to the standard of some of Argentina’s classics, but the away top is interesting. Not bad.

Originality: 6. The blue and white stripes are pretty unique in international football, and the different shades used on the away kit are smart.

Patriotism: 7. Like the hosts and fellow South Americans Brazil, Argentina’s kits are iconic, and 2014’s efforts don’t break from tradition.

Score: 18/30

11. Portugal



Style: 8. The Portuguese will look great in either of those shirts as they inevitably knock England out in the quarter-finals.

Originality: 6. The hoops on the home shirt make it one of the best kits of the tournament.

Patriotism: 5. Not enough green to be truly Portuguese, but when Cristiano Ronaldo’s banging the goals in, will they care?

Score: 19/30

10. Croatia



Style: 5. The blue away kit with the checkered trim is great, but the home strip looks a bit too much like a motor racing finishing flag or Grandma’s tablecloth.

Originality: 9. When your kit is this bold, everyone is evidently too scared to copy you.

Patriotism: 6. The colors are all right — this couldn’t belong to anyone but the Croatians.

Score: 20

9. Japan



Style: 6. The red on the sleeves and subtle pattern on the home shirt is great. The tennis ball-style away shirt is a bit of an eyesore though.

Originality: 7. Bright colours and decent graphics while still looking smart on the whole. Solid.

Patriotism: 7. One of the few kits in this year’s World Cup to include the nation’s flag, but the colors are little random.

Score: 20/30

8. England



Style: 8. So, so simple, but these kits look great. Does that red one remind anyone of a certain 1966? We can dream…

Originality: 5. They’re plain, but in the traditional sense. Retro football kits are the way forward.

Patriotism: 7. The three lions are there and large, and these strips hark back to the glory days. Can the team follow suit? Probably not…

Score: 20/30

7. Brazil



Style: 8. Brazil can never really go wrong with their iconic yellow and green strip, and their change options are pretty slick too.

Originality: 7. The trailblazers of the bright yellow kit.

Patriotism: 6. Whack a big samba drum on the front and you’re onto a winner (okay, maybe not).

Score: 21/30

6. The Netherlands



Style: 7. The shape itself could not be more simple, but it works. The orange is great as ever, the blue strip is a nice concept and the retro crest looks awesome.

Originality: 7. Orange, orange, orange. Also, the darkening chevrons on the away strip will look great in action.

Patriotism: 7. Did we mention the orange?

Score: 21/30

5. Switzerland



Style: 8. The tramlines down the sides work well, as do the bits of trim on the sleeves. Points for the neckline too. Actually, it’s all pretty great.

Originality: 6. Stands out with elegance.

Patriotism: 8. What’s the best thing about Switzerland? Well, the flag’s a big plus (sorry, so so sorry). But look, it’s there on the home shirt, and it rocks!

Score: 22/30

4. Cameroon



Style: 7. The graphics are subtle enough not to be garish while giving the kit an interesting twist — a strong effort!

Originality: 8. It has animals on it. We like animals. Points for you, Cameroon.

Patriotism: 8. The shirts are literally covered in the country’s culture, and all the colours are there too.

Score: 23/30

3. USA



Style: 8. The white kit is classic even if a little tennis-esque, while the away top is loud, proud will look stunning on the pitch.

Originality: 8. Basically just because of the away shirt. Nothing like anything else in the competition.

Patriotism: 8. U.S.A. U.S.A. Some stars might have taken this to a 10, but let’s be honest, it would be a bit much.

Score: 24/30

2. France



Style: 9. They might not be that good at football these days (they scraped into the World Cup via the play-offs), but the French sure know their fashion.

Originality: 7. The away kit basically looks like a t-shirt, but it’s different and it works really nicely.

Patriotism: 8. The hoops conjure up the image of the stereotypical Frenchman, with with a subtle twist.

Score: 24/30

1. Ghana 



Style: 9. The tribal bit round the collar and sleeves of the home kit is just perfection, and the patterned red number is special too.

Originality: 9. The two kits both make a statement, but are completely different from one another. Just great.

Patriotism: 8. Like the Cameroon strip, the traditional watermarking is brilliant, and incorporates stars to recognise Ghana’s ‘Black Stars’ nickname.