Vice-President rewards honest taxi driver

BY: Dickson Worlanyo Dotse
Kwesi Ackon - the taxi driver
Kwesi Ackon - the taxi driver

A taxi driver, whose honesty made him return a GH¢8,000 left in his car to the owner, has become an instant hero and has received more than three-fold, what he returned.

The story of the driver, Kwesi Ackon’s action has gone viral on social media and attracted commendation and reward, including a cash of GHC20,000 from the Vice-President, Dr Mahamudu Bawumia, and also several other donations from Ghanaians.

Speaking with the Daily Graphic on May 11, 2022, Mr Ackon, 37, who works within Kokomlemle, said he had been surprised by the reaction that had greeted his action as he was only living his Christian principles, of being honest and doing for others what i will want from them

“When I returned the money, I did not think it was a big deal as it was just the right thing to do, but what has happened after that tells me that honesty, truth truly pays,” he said.


Narrating what happened to the Daily Graphic at the studios of Asempa FM, where he had gone for an interview on Ekosi Sen with Osei Bonsu, Mr Ackon said it began last Saturday, May 7, when he transported a fishmonger and her ware from Mallam Atta Market to Teshie around 8 p.m., got paid and closed for the day.

The next day, as he was cleaning his car, he noticed something suspicious in his car and when he checked, he realised it was money.

“At first it looked like a rug due to how it was folded, but later I realised it was an apron smelling of fish. So I looked inside and to my surprise, I found all that money,” he explained

Mr Ackon said he did not count the money initially, but subsequently, it was disclosed to be an amount of GhC8,400.00

He emphasised that his first instinct was to track down the woman and return the money to her since she was the last passenger he picked.

“Returning the money was the only thing that came to my mind and my wife also encouraged me to and so I did exactly that. As a Christian, my conviction is: If something does not belong to you, don’t take it or keep it.

“Returning the money was nothing new to me on the job. People lose their phones and other valuables in my taxi all the time and every single one of them has always been returned to them.

“I listen to my heart and it instructed me to return the money,” he stressed.

Having tracked the woman to where he dropped her off the previous night, he returned the money and the woman’s children, moved by the gesture, apparently recorded and shared the short video.

The video went viral and has now been thrusted into the limelight.

“I honestly never expected this attention. I never thought that the video would reach as far as it has to attract that reaction,” he said.

Donations, Gratitude

Apart from the GHC20,000 that he has received from the Vice- President, he has received other donations from many other people.

Yesterday, Ekosi Sen also launched a special appeal for funds for him.

Mr Ackon used the opportunity to express his profound gratitude to the Vice-President for the support he had received saying that he would put the money to good use.

“I have plans for the money and key among them is getting my own car and then use the remaining for other things in my life,” he said.