Another suspect being carried to the toilet
Another suspect being carried to the toilet

Lack of toilet forces suspect to defecate on himself at Bole magistrate court

In a bizarre turn of events in the Bole District Magistrate Court, an accused person was could not help but defecate on himself in open court.


This occurrence took place in the Savannah Region, where the court serves several areas including Bole, Sawla, and Damongo.

This incident is not an isolated one. It has been reported that accused persons have defecated in the courtroom or on themselves on previous occasions.

Additionally, court staff members are also affected by this lack of facilities. When nature calls, they are forced to trek approximately 3 kilometers to relieve themselves, disrupting their work and inconveniencing them greatly.

In this latest case, court proceedings ground to a halt when one of the accused individuals experienced a stomach upset.

Despite the urgency of the situation, the court was unable to provide assistance due to the absence of toilet facilities, leading to further distress and discomfort for those involved.

However, parties in other cases and their clients who spoke to Adom News on a plea of anonymity say they are disappointed in the government and the judicial service for not constructing a washroom inside the court.

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