UN Secretary General commends Ghana

BY: Doreen Andoh
­•Mr Ban Ki Moon with our correspondent

The United Nations (UN) has commended Ghana for contributing immensely to the world body’s peace keeping operations since 1960. For over five decades, Ghana has been a reliable participant in the world body’s peace keeping operations.

Speaking to the Daily Graphic in an interview in New York, the UN General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki Moon, expressed the UN’s gratitude to Ghanaian authorities and the army for their reliable and commitment to peace keeping operations around the world.

Mr Ban said the UN peace keeping mission had given meaning to its charter to unite the strength of all member states in maintaining international peace and security.


“UN peace keeping fosters burden sharing that spreads the risk and opportunities across countries large and small, and from both developed and the developing world. I applaud the more than 107,000 uniformed peace keepers from 122 troop-contributing countries now serving on 16 missions,” Mr Ban said.

AU's Agenda 2063

On the African Union’s (the AU) agenda 2063, Mr Ban said the world body would ensure that agenda 2063 was implemented hand-in-hand with the SDGs.

The AU’s agenda 2063 is a 50-year development global strategy adopted by world leaders to optimise the use of African resources for the benefit of all Africans.

It has been described as both a vision and an action plan calling for all segments of the African society to work together to build a prosperous united Africa based on shared values and a common destiny.

“Their basic implementation programmes should align each other to ensure the success of both development agendas. Agenda 2063, even though more African was adopted by almost all world leaders with millions of people participating in its adoption process," Mr Ban said.

Female successor

On the various call for a female to succeed him as the UN Secretary General, Mr Ban said it was high time a competent woman was elected to take up the position.

He said that had been demonstrated by the loud voices  for a female Secretary General from not only the women communities but from men communities as well.

The UN has had eight secretaries general since its inception 70 years ago, and all had been men.

“As you may all know that decision is not up to any individual to make. It is the prerogative of all member states and, therefore, I leave it to them. We can only appeal to them to consider the election of a competent female," he said.